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Our House Part Two

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Good morning. I didn't sleep too well, so I'm dragging a bit. I have to go to the dentist today, and although I'm not dreading it, I wish it were over and done with. Isn't it unfortunate that preventive dentistry means that you have to keep going to the dentist all the time?


Other than that no big plans here, a little laundry, a little cleaning, a little crafting.


Sherry, poor you, having to do payroll checks by hand. Your plan for the sweater construction is pretty much the way I've made sweaters.


Marlene, glad you had a nice weekend. Sounds like Maya is growing up, losing her first tooth.


Joanne, hope work goes by quickly and you enjoy craft club and the football game.


Val, did you catch a bit more sleep?

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Having fun in the Snow!

Love you guys!!! Just wanted to pop in and say that and do a little show & share......     I made this for my cousin who had a baby boy. It's late ... But given my life lately ... I think sh

I had an awesome day!!! I should turn 60 more often. Lol. Dd made me a key lime pie which is my favorite. We had a great time at ocean grove and then went back to dd's house. The boys played outsid

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Well, it seems Valerie, Cindy and I all had a rough night...mine was due to a dog named Gracie and a big 'possum! :ohdear I think we all deserve a nap today! :)


Cindy ~ Congratulations on being a grandma again! :c9 Yay for having 12 days off!


Marlene ~ Aww, it's always special when that first tooth comes out! I'm still laughing about Maya calling her mom a wimp. :lol She is such a cutie. I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend away!


Sherry ~ Great progress on the jacket! Yay for getting a little rain - maybe enough to settle the dust. ;)


Marisa and Joanne ~ Your motifs are great! I lurk on ravelry once in a while and had seen that thread. It will be fun to see how the pattern progresses!


Hi to everyone at Our House! :manyheart Have a good morning!



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Hi, peeps!


Cindy - yup...dentist visits are the pits:P


Not much going on here - still waiting for the computer tech to get over here to fix DH's puter. Didn't even get a call to schedule a time yet!


Almost finished with the QA lace scarf. Then I'll start another animal square since I have the yarn for that - and not for the other ghans I want to start.


It feels like the tropics outside last night too, but I still took Miss Lucy for a 1/2 mile walk - she has so much energy she needs it! Took her for a very short one this AM but will definitely be out there with her later today too.


Off I go - hi to everyone - sorry for not commenting on everyone's post, but the netbook sometimes loses it all, so....:(


BB when I can.

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Good morning ladies :hi


Add me to Mary, Val, & Cindy's 'didn't sleep so well club' :( Once I fell asleep I was good, but that didn't happen until after 2:30 :eek


I still have to finish up my vacuuming here at the office this morning. I never finished yesterday because I'm moving everything out to get in the corners and all with the hose so a little time consuming. And had a few patients yesterday too :yes Didn't clean the living room at the house either last night. Steph & Bean were home and he was watching tv in there and I didn't want to kick him out :lol If they go to the Pirates game tonight, I'll get it done and if they stay home I'll do it in the morning :think


Didn't hear from my friend yet today, but I know they have the c-section scheduled for tomorrow at 9 (I'm assuming AM, but she didn't specify :lol ) The baby's heart rate didn't drop as many times yesterday as it was the couple days before that, so I figure that's a good sign. OK, strike that....just talked to her and there weren't and major heart rate drops since yesterday, a couple minor ones that didn't last long at all...so that's progress. BUT, last night she got phlebitis for her IV and that caused her a lot of pain....it's sore and red yet today, but getting better (and without infection).


Val - WTG on your orders, you're right....they can't be tossed to the side :no


Cindy - Congrats on becoming a grandma again :clap I hope your dentist visit goes well, which reminds me that I'm due myself so I need to find someone new to schedule with since that last guy I saw was a bonehead :lol This was the first week of the mystery ghan so you're right, it'll be a while :bounce But I love the mystery


Joanne & Cindy - If I was pregnant, I'd like to think I wouldn't find out what I was having....but I wonder if I could really hold out :think


Joanne - I agree that having the kids close in age is better :yes Have fun at craft club tonight.


Sherry & Joanne - Giants vs Cowboys!!!! :eek As an EAGLES fan....that's a tough choice, but I have to go with the Giants :yes Sorry Sherry.


Sherry - I hope you don't have to do payroll by hand :xfin WTG on your jacket :yay


Marlene - I love fresh veggies :drool How cute is Maya with school and her tooth.....and calling her mom a wimp :rofl I hope bil is doing well, my uncle has prostate surgery for about 40 years now and he gets regular injections when his levels start to rise.


Judy - I sure hope the computer tech gets there already!!!! It seems like forever that dh's computer has been messed up :( Enjoy your walks with Lucy!

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Afternoon housemates!


I did continue to lay in bed for about 45 mins and couldn't go back to sleep. I'd read in a magazine years ago that to test your need for more sleep was to lay in bed after awakening. If you needed more sleep you would go back to sleep. I guess I got enough sleeep, just not quality sleep.


I am working on the ghan I will be delivering on Tuesday in Bama. Hopefully, I can finish it today and work on my Georgia orders.


Have a good day!

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Hi folks

Long time ,no see . Sorry I've been MIA . I'll save you all the details and just say I missed you guys .


I see we have 2 more of you looking forward to new grandbabies . How exciting ! I bet those hooks will be busy making lots of new baby things .



wow, it sounds as if you have had a rough time of it . I'm glad you are on the mend now . Take it easy so your body can get back to normal .



Welcome to any new people I missed while I was gone . Hope you have fun in here . :)


Will stop in later - hope you all have a good evening .

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Hi folks

Long time ,no see . Sorry I've been MIA . I'll save you all the details and just say I missed you guys .


I see we have 2 more of you looking forward to new grandbabies . How exciting ! I bet those hooks will be busy making lots of new baby things .



wow, it sounds as if you have had a rough time of it . I'm glad you are on the mend now . Take it easy so your body can get back to normal .



Welcome to any new people I missed while I was gone . Hope you have fun in here . :)


Will stop in later - hope you all have a good evening .


:yay:clap:cheer Julie's back!


We were so worried about you :ghug I hope all is well. Don't worry about trying to catch up, it's been busy....just move forward. Glad to have you back!

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add me to the didn't not sleep well list. Fell asleep early (ok 10:30) and woke up again about 12:30. Crocheted for awhile. Sleep again around 2:30 to about 6... ok crochet again...


Just went to the gym for the first time in awhile. Got 2 hats started there :rofl I get on the recumbant bike so I can crochet and pedal!

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Hi, ladies!




We're getting ready for the Giants-Cowboys football game here....DS is coming over to watch the first half with us. I KNEW he'd be looking for food so when he called this afternoon I told him I already had a huge batch of chicken cacciatore going.:lol


I finished the scarf - will take and post a pic of it tomorrow:D


Have a good night my friends - I hope you all sleep better tonight than you have been!


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Julie, so good to hear from you!


My mouth hurts from my trip to the dentist, but the visit itself went well, no cavities.


I was cleaning in my sewing room this afternoon and found 4 granny squares in the closet. I sewed them together and will add borders to the resultant square to make a blanket for the pregnancy resource center.


I'm home alone tonight and am undecided whether I should read, crochet or vacuum and do laundry. I suppose I'd better vacuum since dd is working tonight and will want to sleep tomorrow. I'm meeting her for breakfast after she gets off work and we are going to go to Penney's. She was there last week and said they had lots and lots of stuff on clearance. I need to buy a baby gift for my nephew and his wife, but I don't need anything else. She'll be tired, so we won't be out long.


We're supposed to get severe thunderstorms this evening. (well, that's according to dh) It doesn't look much like rain, though.

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Julie - Sooo good to hear from you. We missed you too. I hope all is well with you.


Marisa - thanks for the heads up on Arby's. Is this US wide? Sometimes, promotions are local.


Sherry - sorry youu didn't sleep well. Hope you're feeling better!

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Hi Ladies,


Julie, So good to see you!!! We missed you!!!:hug How's Cam liking school?


Cindy, We were suppose to get rain today around noon but it never happened.

Hope your mouth isn't to sore to long.


Judy, Hope you get a computer tech there soon. Enjoy the football game with DH and DS tonight.


Joanne, I know your all excited about football tonight. Enjoy!


Val, Tonight is the first night I haven't talked to Maya and I'm missing it. Tonight is her Moms late night to work.


Mary, It did help getting away for the weekend. She'll be here this weekend.


Sorry you gals didn't sleep to well last night. I hate when that happens. I was awake early this morning around 5 and couldn't go back to sleep.

I washed bedding today.

Payton is playing football this year and Jocelyn is cheerleading. Only thing is they will be on different teams. I have there schedule for the season. There first game is saturday. DD and Maya will be here to go with us.

DD applied for a new job. She wasn't sure she was going to take it, but decided to and it turns out to be better than she thought. She was going to hire in as assistant manager (that is the level they hire people in at) she knew the manager is leaving. After she told the manager she would take the job, she was told she is going to be the manager. The store is double the volume of her store. She will go up to Grand Rapids to train and told them she would rather just stay there so I will be going to stay with Maya. It will probably be close to the end of the month before it all happens.

Hubby is golfing in the morning. Hope everyone has a nice thursday!

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Hi All! Just a quick note--I'm missing the game but it's being recorded so I can start it from the beginning and watch.


Marlene - great news about DD job! Hope it works well for her. I know you must be missing Maya but it's good you will see here this weekend.


Joanne - Hope you're enjoying the game and getting in crochet time!


I had to do payroll by hand...ugh! But the good news is he came right after I got done and got most everything fixed. At least my printer is working now!! Still can't use the computers downstairs (especially the time clock) but he's working on that.


I'm having problems with the hood on this jacket. The directions aren't very clear to me (I'm a very visual person), so I asked for help from Maggie's Crochet. I hope they have something that will help me to "see" what I'm missing. So frustrating. I will do a scarf instead just to keep my hands busy.


Have a great evening all!

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Hi Jude

I figured you guys would be watching football tonite . :) Guess I don't have to ask who you were cheering for in that game . That's nice that your boy came over to watch it with you .

Is the scarf the knit one that you were working on awhile back ?



Hi Cindy

Wow, a night home alone doesn't happen very often,does it ? Hope you enjoyed the quiet . I know I like it myself .

Congrats on the new grandbabe coming. when is the due date ?



Hi Val


s our "Bama girl" doing ? I' m ok,still hanging in here . Any trip to the old home ground coming anytime soon ?



Hi Marlene

Cam is liking school better this year. I guess he has a really young teacher which helps . He is a real good student,he just doesnt like all the homework. It takes a chunk out of his evening with all of it,but he seems to be liking it more this year so far.

How about Maya,does she like school ? Good luck for your girl with her new job . I hope it goes well for her .



Hi Sherry? ( hope I'm getting your name right )

Sorry,I'm just learning who the new people are . So glad you joined the group. I hope you are enjoying it .

Who are you making the jacket for ? Hope the company will email you to tell you how to do the hood .



A howdy to everyone else --will try to check in again later .

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Good morning!

Good to "see you" Julie!! Missed you!


Judy- Not the way I wanted to start the football season! But I bet Sherry is happy!! At least the Yankees pulled out a win yesterday! On to week #2 for Big Blue!


Not enough time here this morning to post anymore- school traffic makes the commute to work take longer- so I compensate and leave a little earlier to beat it!


Have a good day one and all!

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Good Morning!


Joanne - sorry your team didn't win but glad the Yankees did win. It was a a good game but fell asleep before it was over. Will probably get to see the ending tonight while DH watches it.


Julie - thanks for the welcome. The jacket is for my oldest DD for Christmas. Will make one for the youngest DD and our DIL if I can figure this thing out!!


Cindy - hope your enjoyed your quiet night!


I did work on a scarf and got about 1/3 of it done. Hopefully tonight I'll have some answers on the hood and can get that project going again.


Have a great day!!

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morning, peeps!


Joanne, yup, disappointing football game, but loved the yankee outcome! Everytime we see Martin come to bat I tell DH the he (DH) is up at bat. He looks like DH did when in his 20s - creepy:lol


Jules, I haven't picked up the knit scarf in a while - I actually forgot about it!:lol Today will be a good day to pick it up again;)


Hi to everyone else...CU later!

...and here's the finished scarf!


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When is the due date for your new grandbabe ?




What color are you using for the jacket ? I bet you'll get it figured out .




The scarf is so pretty, love the color . Those knit ones take a long time,dont they ?

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It was so fun to come to the 'ville this a.m. and see Julie's posts! :)


Marisa ~ Thinking of your friend this a.m. - hope all is well.


Julie ~ I'm glad Cam is enjoying school so far. How is that adorable Piper (sp?) doing?


Judy ~ Beautiful scarf! :clap Looking forward to seeing your next animal square...hope it's not a 'possum. :rofl I guess it's time to put out the humane trap again!


Mary ~ Yay for making scarves and exercising at the same time.:yay

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Sorry ~ the phone rang and I sure didn't want to lose another post. ;)


Valerie ~ How is the current Alabama afghan coming along? You must crochet really fast...and I am so slow.:lol


Cindy ~ You are so creative! Great idea to make the "discovered" squares into a baby blanket. :c9 I'm glad you had some "me" time last night. :)


Sherry ~ Yay Cowboys! I hope you're able to figure out the jacket problem. :manyheart Way to go on the scarf. :crocheting


My oldest sister is having hip replacement surgery this a.m. She lives in the D.C. area and has many friends who will be helping. We all have each others' numbers, so should be hearing something pretty soon.


Have a good morning!:manyheart

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Good morning. I got up at seven and went out to breakfast and did a little shopping. I bought a baby gift and a shawl to use when we go to d-nephews wedding this weekend. I have a short sleeved dress to wear and it's supposed to cool off quite a bit. My dress is not the sort of dress you wear a sweater or jacket with.


I ended up vacuuming and doing some laundry last night. The last load of laundry is going now. I am going to pack this afternoon for this weekend's trip and clean the kitchen. And maybe work on a baby blanket or my knit scarf. Or I may make a pair of booties to match the baby outfit I bought.


Judy that is such a nice scarf. I've never tried that pattern, although I've heard many good things about it. Are the motifs crocheted together? Or....GASP...are they sewn together? (and now we know why I've never tried it!)


Mary, sending good thoughts for your sisters surgery. Hip replacement is quite a big procedure.


Sherry, hope you can figure the jacket out.

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Hi Mary

Good to hear from you too . :)

Pyper is doing well,still yakking a lot,maybe even more than me,and she NEVER runs out of energy. I've never seen her tired EVER .


How much longer til the new grandbabe arrives ?


Will be thinking of your sister today. It's good that she will have lots of people in her area to help her out til she is back on her feet again . She'll probably do terrific as long as she follows up with the rehab exercises . She'll be as good as new .

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Morning Cindy


Sounds like you had a nice quick shopping trip and got it all done . It's supposed to be cool here on the weekend and rain most of it I think . It's weird how our weather was so hot and dry,now it 's turned Fall in the blink of an eye .


When is your new grandbabe due ?

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