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Our House Part Two

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Morning folks

Tried to catch up on posts, but I'm not as speedy at it as I once was .

Will just say I hope everyone under the weather is feeling better today .



Glad you got your mammogram done . A necessary test ,although not much fun .

Are you making a fishie blankie for the new grandbabe on the way ?

They are really cute .



sorry you had that summer cold and flu bug. Sam got it last weekend and felt miserable, but thankfully it didnt last long. He's lucky to be so healthy ,he rarely gets any illnesses .

It sounds as though you have settled in very well at your new place and you are much happier. That's such good news !



Maybe with Christmas coming a little closer you can lasso some people over to your Christmas gift making group . It seems a ways away yet,but when you count down the months,it's really not that much time if you have lots of large gifts to make .



Glad your camping trip went well,and I like the rain too. Something nice about listening to rain,as long as it isnt several days in a row, then it can get irritating. We've hardly had ANY rain for months,but lately, it's starting to look a little more like fall is on the way,with the weather heading that direction too .



Wow a trip to the beach. Do I envy you .. I just love the beach. Been so long since we have gotten to go .



You are sure getting that hook moving. UI bet it smokes when you use it , you are so speedy .



Hope you had fun spending time with the grandkids for the birthday party . sounds like fun !



Sorry if I forgot anyone... I get out of practice in here,then am kinda drowning in posts, trying to remember who said what .

The kidney doc said the bloodwork wasnt as good this time, and that my Vit D is low again and the parathyroid test came back bad,so I 'm back on huge doses of Vit D,and retesting in 4 months to see if the problem corrects itself .

Anyhow, yesterday wasn't a good day ,heard some upsetting info on a family member on top of this other stuff going on. I honestly believe that if you have too much stress, it will slowly ERODE your health .

Besides that, nothing exciting . Today was supposed to be Steph's rain date for Cedar Point,but it's 60 % chance again today,so she may be changing it again. Cam goes back to school next week . He's actually excited about it this year, which is great. He usually doesnt like school even though his grades are good.Too much homework !


Well, you all have a good day . Gotta go hunt up some breakfast and get bathed and dressed and do a mountain of laundry .

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Having fun in the Snow!

Love you guys!!! Just wanted to pop in and say that and do a little show & share......     I made this for my cousin who had a baby boy. It's late ... But given my life lately ... I think sh

I had an awesome day!!! I should turn 60 more often. Lol. Dd made me a key lime pie which is my favorite. We had a great time at ocean grove and then went back to dd's house. The boys played outsid

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Hi everyone! :manyheart I'll catch up later since I have to be at the doctor's by 9 and the parking is always an issue. I'm already so hungry! :lol


Mary ~ Both of your round ripples are lovely! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. :clap


Have a good morning! :)

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morning, peeps!


Jules...awwww....so sorry it was a bad day for you yesteray:hug

Linda, feel better soon, my friend:hug


2 afghans I've finished the last couple of weeks..well except for weaving ends



Off I go -



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Hi Ladies,


Mary, Your fishy ghan is really cute. Hope your doctor appt goes well.


Linda, So happy to see your back! Hope your feeling much better really soon. :clap for finishing your shawls.


Judy, Delicious orchard looks like a nice place to shop. I clean my kitchen floor the same way.


Joanne, Glad you like your hair. Glad you were able to go to craft club last night.


Julie, Sorry you had a bad day yesterday. Hope today is looking better for you.


Mary2, Your rr is really nice. I like shopping at farmers markets. Glad yours is so successful.


Val, :clap for the progress on your heart ghan.


Marisa, With your busy week you will be ready for some rest time at the lake.


Cindy, I use to sit out on the deck (it was covered) when it rained to. But somehow when we removed it and added on a room and a new deck I forgot about it. I really miss it. Good luck with your Christmas list.


It was a fun time with the grandkids. DS picked up a pinata and they had lots of fun swinging at it. DS's girlfriend came to and the kids really like her. I was surprised that Jocelyn does she is a mama's girl. She is the one who tells DS how much she really likes her and ask about her when she is along for there visits.

Maya and I need to go grocery shopping and I need to do some laundry to. I think we will make a stop at the library well were out. Since gas is on the rise again I might as well do everything at once.

Hope everyone has a nice day!

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Good morning housemates :hi


Well, I totally forgot to post my pics yesterday :blush:oops But on the upside I finished up the sweater last night so now I have 2 projects to share with you :D


Rolled over and slept in instead of hitting the gym this morning and missed that class I like, but probably because I was up in the middle of the night with a headache and it took a little bit for the motrin to kick in :think:shrug


Not much going on tonight so hoping to hook and watch tv. I've decided I'll do my laundry Thursday morning to wait until closer to leaving time. I have to make a trip to the post office, probably tomorrow, to mail out my graph ghan and the baby sweater :think


Linda - WTG on your shawls and even having a couple minutes to spare :clap Can't wait to see your progress pics on your apt. How nice of John to pic you up some food and meds, even if it's not what you would've picked....I think he's starting to realize what a help you were and how much you actually did :think Hope you're feeling better :hug


Judy - Great job doing the floors :wink I usually just used the clorox mop thingy, but took the towel to get the corners :yes


Julie - Sorry to hear about the vitamin D, hopefully your dose will correct it :xfin Sorry also to hear about your family issues :hug But, glad to hear that Cam is excited to get back to school :yay


Mary - Did you get to crochet last night? I surely will get rest at the beach, because when we go we really don't do too much 'touristy' stuff. Aside, for going out in the evening for dinner and/or some drinks. I hope your doctor visit goes well today :hug


Cindy - I also love to sit on the porch in rain, just not at Steph's house.....there's no front porch and the back deck is not covered :eek:lol WTG on your jump start for xmas :h5


Val - WTG on your hearts ghan, can't wait to see the finished product....you're probably close by now :think


Mary2 - Gorgeous rr's....I love them both :manyheart


Joanne - :yay for making it to craft club and getting to see Phyllis with her new shawl!


Marlene - Glad to hear the party was fun with the kids. Good luck getting your shopping done and the library trip :xfin


OK, so for real today I'll be back to post my pics....I already pulled out my camera so it's right in front of my face, which should decrease the chance of forgetting again :think:xfin I'll tell ya, if my head wasn't attached............. :eek

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Without further ado.......


The ghan is for my cousin starting college this fall and the sweater is for my friend who I just made the blanket for recently :D

:applause They are both wonderful, Marisa! The little sweater is precious :c9 and I love the look of the graph 'ghan!

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such pretty pics. The afghan is so nice ! My gosh, you are talented. Those type afghans look so challenging .

The baby sweater is pretty, too !




So glad the grandkids are adjusting to your boy's new girlfriend. I worried a lot about that with Cam,but Mike is an A-Plus father figure for him . He treats him so well,we are really thankful . Hopefully it'll all go well like that for your boy,too .


Guess I should go rustle up something to make for supper tonite.

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Hi Ladies! I had to lie down for a while...the combination of the heat, fasting and not enough water was not good. After a rest and about a gallon of water, the really bad headache is gone and all is good now. :)


Cindy ~ You're so right about starting now on Christmas lists! I hope your work days are going well this week. :yes


Marlene ~ Oh, that's great that the kids like your son's girlfriend! I'm glad you all had a fun day together. :) Have you had time for any crocheting?


Julie ~ Hopefully, things will have turned around by the time you go back to this doctor. :hug I'm sorry about the family issue...you know we have lots in common when it comes to that! It's always good when kids want to go back to school. :D


Linda ~ Get lots of rest. :manyheart I hope you're feeling better very soon. :)


Better get something done...nothing accomplished here at home so far today. :blush Have a great afternoon. :manyheart

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Hello everyone. I had a good day at work today, but overall the unit was extremely busy, so I kept busy, even though my actual assignment was very light. Now I'm off for two days.


Judy, I did join your other group when you first started it, but got lazy. So far I have made two slippers. Unfortunately, they don't match!


Mary2, your RR's look great.


Linda, it was nice of JC to get you food and meds. Hope you feel better today. And WTG on finishing the shawls.


Julie, sorry that yesterday did not turn out as well as you would have liked. And its great that Cam is looking forward to going back to school.


Marisa, great looking projects. I LOVE that little sweater!!!


Marlene, its great that the kids like ds's girlfriend. That's one less problem for ex DIL to grab onto.


Mary, sorry that you had such a bad headache. Glad its gone now.

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Without further ado.......


The ghan is for my cousin starting college this fall and the sweater is for my friend who I just made the blanket for recently :D

Beautiful!!!!!!:clap Did you design the ghan yourself?

Hi Ladies! I had to lie down for a while...the combination of the heat, fasting and not enough water was not good. After a rest and about a gallon of water, the really bad headache is gone and all is good now. :)

Oh, you have to watch that!:hug I don't react well in that situation either - 'cept I get woozy.

Hello everyone. I had a good day at work today, but overall the unit was extremely busy, so I kept busy, even though my actual assignment was very light. Now I'm off for two days.

Great - enjoy your time off. Maybe have some "me" time?;)

Judy, I did join your other group when you first started it, but got lazy. So far I have made two slippers. Unfortunately, they don't match!

oh, I remember that! Maybe you need to make 2 more slippers?:lol:lol:lol


Off I go for the night. Demo on my bathroom takes place tomorrow morning! I doubt I'll sleep much! I already took pics of the ugly tub, shower doors, floor and walls.:blush


Have a restful night, my friends.:hug:manyheart

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Hello ladies,


Cindy - glad you had a busy and fulfilling day at work!


Linda - I hope you are feeling better. I'm in the process of doing what you did several months ago. We've started packing for our move on Sept 30th.


Mary - glad all is well with you and you're feeling much better. Happy hooking!


Julie - hope your levels are where they need to be when you return to the doCtor.


Judy - what are you up to today?


Marlene - I am soo glad for your son and his kids. Your gd probably is starting to realize that her mother is the problem.


Marisa - I love the blanket and sweater. I must make a ghan like that in the future. My sister loved it as well. Roll Tide!


Well I finished the heart ghan the sun would not cooperate. I'll probably take another set of pictures when the sun is out...picture below:



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Wow what pretty eye candy!

Marisa- that ghan is Awesome!!!! And the baby sweater is oh, so pretty!!


Val- Beautiful heart afghan!!! You did a great job on it!


Nothing much to report other than it was a long day -didn't get home till close to 7 so just popping in to say hi---and now I am about to eat dinner and relax for a bit.


I'll 'see' you in the AM

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Hi Ladies,


Marisa, Your ghan is stunning. I love it! I've not seen that style before. The baby sweater is so pretty.


Val, I love your ghan. The hearts and shells are very pretty together. Can you share where you got the pattern from?


Joanne, Sorry for your long day at work. Hope tomorrow isn't as long.


Cindy, Good luck on getting those 2 other slippers. I've read lots of times its easy to make one but much harder to make the second one. I've only made one set of slippers and it was many years ago. Enjoy your next two days off.


Mary, Hope your feeling better.


Judy, Hope the demo goes well tomorrow and you get some sleep tonight.


Julie, That's good Cam is excited about going back to school. I asked Maya if she is excited and she says no. I'm getting her back into school work. We do spelling, reading and were going to add some math. Refresh her memory.


Linda, It was nice that John went to the store for you. Hope you feel better soon.


Maya and I got the grocerys and I have the last load of laundry almost dry. More to do tomorrow.

We have some neighbors a few houses down that are here this week on vacation and they have a boy and a girl so Maya was down playing with them tonight. She's at the age we have to entertain her now.

DS bought a bat and ball and she really likes playing softball and she is good at it. So she talked me into some of that tonight before we came in.

The dryer just buzzed. I'll catch you all tomorrow. Have a great wednesday. :hug

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Good morning!

Marlene- I'm hoping for a better day today too!! That's great that Maya likes playing softball-I can't wait till Ryan is at the age really play with like that. But in the meantime, I'll enjoy each and every stage as he grows up! Hoping to stop by after work to see him tonight.


Julie- Sorry about the disappointing family news- hang in there!


Cindy- Enjoy your two days off. Funny about the slippers- when I make fingerless gloves, I'm all gung ho on the first one, and then realize I still have to make another!


Linda- Hope you are feeling somewhat better. My cold is now 97% better. Still some lingering congestion- which is just more annoying than anything else.


Judy- Hope the demo and reno of the bathroom goes nice and smooth!!!


Have a good Hump Day one and all!!!

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Morning folks



Today is the big day for getting your bathroom redone ! Bet you are excited . We need to get a new tub ,too ,just been putting it off due to finances right now .



You sound like me, when I ever tried making 2 of something like gloves or slippers --- thew first one was ok,but the second either never comes out the same or I'm not in the mood to make another matching one .



Glad your flu-bug is almost gone. hope you get to see ryan this weekend .




That's a good idea getting Maya back into schoolwork a bit early,so she will be ready to tackle the coming year .



Sorry you had such a rough day yesterday. Those tests and doc appts can get to you sometimes .. Makes you really tired and worn out . Hope today is a better one for you .



Hope you are fighting off your flu too and starting to get better . Maybe it was all the anticipation and hard work of moving,it finally all caught up with you ,but now things should settle down for you and be much better, I hope .



You all have a good day . Today is payday,so gotta do all my errands this AM .

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Hi, ladies!


Well, the dogs have finally stopped barking and there are 3 men working on demo in my bathroom right now. For a while the noise from both dogs and banging had me wanting to run away!:lol Better now. The dogs tired themselves out;)


Jules, don't try to do too much in one day!!:hug



Judy - what are you up to today?

See above:lol:lol:lol:lol

Well I finished the heart ghan the sun would not cooperate. I'll probably take another set of pictures when the sun is out...picture below:

LOVE that ghan!! Where did you get the pattern?


Off I go for now...BB off and on as I get bored or crazy:lol Good thing these guys come early (8:15 this morning) and only stay till 2:30 - or till done with what can be worked on for that day.:D

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Good morning housemates!


Thanks for the compliments on the heart ghan.


Joanne - I hope you're 100% better soon. I also hope you're able to stop by and see Ryan today. What a perfect way to end the day!


Cindy - enjoy your days off. What are you working on?


Julie - you're beginning to sound like yourself. I'm glad you're healing. Enjoy the fresh air as you run errands and pace yourself!


Judy - today is the big day! How exciting!


Marlene - I'm going to post a picture of the book below with the ghan in it.



Mary - I hope you are feeling better today!


Linda - I hope you are on the mend!


I will be packing up stuff I can do without until we move. Of course, you know I will be taking breaks...gotta get some hooking in sometime!


Have a good day All!


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Good morning. It's a gloomy, foggy day here at the moment. I need to run some errands, but I'm waiting until it warms up a bit. Yesterday started out the same, but it was a very nice sunny day in the end. Also have some laundry and cleaning to do.


Judy, just think how great it will be to have a gorgeous bathroom! Do you think the dogs will start barking all over when they come back tomorrow? Also there is another one of those Sherlock Holmes IV books for free at Amazon today. Its a short story: The Man With the Twisted Lip.


Val, I have a whole bunch of projects in the works, a knit dishcloth, a knit scarf, the log cabin afghan, a loom knit shawl, and some more that are tucked away in bags and drawers. I flit from one to the other. None, except the dishcloth are close to finished. And speaking of dishcloths, I really like the two knit patterns in this link. There are two crochet ones as well, but they are very ordinary.


Mary and Linda, hope both of you are on the mend.


Julie, hope your errands don't tire you out too much.


Marisa, what are you up to today?


Joanne, hope you get out of work early enough to enjoy a nice visit with Ryan.

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Good morning ladies :hi


Only 3 days to the beach :clap I have a headache again, past few days actually and I'm going to see my friend tomorrow to get my adjustment :D I feel like I have a lot to do in a short time :eek Last night I worked on the edging of my knit sweater that I started like....2 years ago :think


Judy - Yes, the ghan was all me :D How exciting to be getting the bathroom done...I hope the dogs are behaving better :xfin


Val - Gorgeous ghan, you did an awesome job with those hearts :manyheart Are you getting much packing done?


Cindy - I hope you finish your errands early enough to get some crafting in :devil


Joanne - Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better finally :D I hope today is shorter than yesterday :wink


Julie - Pay day and errands, have fun with the running around :hug


Marlene - How cute that Maya like playing softball and is good at it :D Hopefully she'll stick to it and continue to play and like it :xfin

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