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Mary Maxim Spring 2011 catalog


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On the cover of the above catalog is a gorgeous striped afghan. Can anyone tell me what the stitch is?


My interpretation is it's chain XX....turn chain 1, 3 dbl crochet, chain 1 in next ch, repeat to end. Then it's probably 3 db, ch 1, db in last to make corner, then single crochet back to start.

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Funny you should ask - I'm about 1/3 of the way through it.

it's a row of sc, a row of ch1, skip 2 sc, dbl, dc in skipped stitch prior.

so the two 2dc are crossing or making an X as you reffered to.

row of sc. Change colors and repeat. Kit comes with 6 skeins, one of each color.

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