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Just a question about stockingnet stitch.

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I'm making a baby doll dress for the county fair. My own design. I started it from the bottom up. I used stockingnet stitch for the first 5 rows or so and it's beginning to curl up.


My question is this: Can I do a row of single crochet around the bottom, and then put maybe a row of scallops to hold the rows of stockingnet stitches down so that it won't curl?


Or is there something else I can do? This is my first design in knitting.



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:cheer You can add crochet to the bottom of your Stocking Stitch piece but there is still no guarantee that it will sit flat.

The very best thing to do is work a few rows of Garter Stitch (all knit) before you start your Stocking Stitch.

If you do not want to start again; there is the option of knitting up a hem by folding up the bottom edge to the inside of your knitting, then knitting the first stitch on the needle with the first stitch of your cast on, continuing across until you have knitted up the whole hem.

This may be a little tricky to start with but is a good thing to learn.

Of course, it will depend on how many rows you have worked so far because you do not want the hem to be too wide compared to the rest of the piece.

Hope this helps a little.

Have fun.


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