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Young Mother Hooked on crochet! Newbie

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Hi there!! I'm so happy to have found this site! I'm a young stay at home mother of 2 little girls. I absolutely love doing crafts. My favorites are making boutique style hair bows, plastic canvas and of course crochet!

My father taught me a long time ago how to do the basics of crochet. And just recently I decided I wanted to learn more. So I'm seriously hooked on crochet. I even think about it all the time lol. I'm eager to learn how to read and understand the patterns and of course be able to make many beautiful things. So far I can only do basic things. I'm now working on a baby blanket made from granny squares. I have also made adorable little handbags and a few little baby hats.

I hope to learn many things from this site!! And am truly glad to have stumbled across it!!!

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