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Video Tutorial FAQ

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Purpose of the Crochet Video Tutorial Forum


In this area of Crochetville, we will present links to a number of different high-quality crochet video tutorials that can be found on YouTube.


We will create threads for individual crochet stitches and techniques. We hope to find enough high-quality tutorials that we can eventually post a number of different videos for each crochet stitch.


We will also create threads for individuals who have created many different video tutorials. There will be one thread for each person containing a playlist with links to all of that person's videos.


Adding New Video Tutorials

Have you created some high-quality YouTube Crochet Tutorials or do you have a favorite source for such tutorials?


Use the Contact Us form to request we review the videos and consider adding them to this forum. Be sure to include a link to an individual video or the crocheter's YouTube profile page.


Copyright Requirments


  • All material presented in the videos must be the person's own original work.


  • If a tutorial uses another person's copyrighted pattern, the person posting the video must have permission to make use of the other party's work.


  • If music is used in videos, the person posting the video must comply with all of YouTube's policies regarding use of music in videos.


  • If you request that we add videos you have created to this forum, you are making an assertion that your videos fully comply with all applicable copyright laws for both the US and your country of residence.

Why Can't I Post in This Forum?


We have to use html code to embed the YouTube playlists in posts. We cannot take the risk that others could add malicious html code to a post. To ensure site security, only site admins will be able to post in this forum.


We regret any inconvenience this may cause if you wanted to make a comment about a particular thread in this area. We invite you to start a new thread in Other Crochet Topics, with a link to a thread in this forum, where you and others will be able to discuss the video(s) freely.

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