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Made this super cute set for Mary Scarlett. (Yes, I have made a lot for my friend's baby...I finally got an excuse to make super cute newborn girl patterns that I found while pregnant with my little boy ;-) )


Everything made with Lion Brand Cotton-ease.



V-Stitch, sc edge.


Hat: LOVE this pattern! Well written, easy and super cute!

5 mm hook



Rose: Adds the perfect touch!

3.5 mm hook




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so cute!!! She will look adorable in that. They need a black/white dress and the hat and get a photo shoot done. :)

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Love the set, great colors, I get tired of the pink, blue, yellow, etc, nice to see more vibrant colors.

oh it's precious, and i agree, I love more brights and primary colors for babies, as it is supposed to be better for the baby's stimulation as well, but the pastels and such are pretty, however sometimes, we all need to change things up huh! Just that the pastel habit is well ingrained in society today, it's hard to shake that branch sometimes! Beautiful job, lovely choice of colors, and that baby will not be cold this winter!

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