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Introducing New CGOA Board Members and Officers for 2011!

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New Board Members

We are pleased to welcome Jack Blumenthal (Senior Vice President at Lion Brand Yarns), and Mary Colucci (Executive Director, Craft Yarn Council and Warm Up America Foundation). We are sure Jack and Mary will be wonderful additions to the board of directors.


Retiring Board Members

We are sad to say good-bye to Marty Miller, past President of CGOA, and Carol Alexander, past Vice President of CGOA, as they complete their second terms on the board. We appreciate their service and hard work over the past four years, and we know they will both continue to be very involved in CGOA.


2011 Officer and Board Member List


President: Amy Shelton

Vice President: Cari Clement

Secretary: Karen Whooley

Treasurer: Jane Rimmer


Board Members at Large:

Jack Blumenthal

Mary Colucci

Tammy Hildebrand


We are looking forward to an exciting 2011! Your new board of directors is already hard at work continuing plans for our two fabulous Chain Link conferences this year.

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Congratulations, Amy! :yay

And congrats and welcome to all the officers and board members! Here's to 2011!

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Wow Amy!!!

Congratulations, and well deserved.

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