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Photo Posting Guidelines

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We love :manyheart to see photos :photo of your finished projects, and we encourage you to post them here! Please follow these guidelines when including photos in your posts:

  1. Hosting images: Currently, you need to upload your photos to your post (picture will appear in your post) or provide a link to the photo on your own storage space (only the link will show). There are several places on the web where you can host photos for free! Our favorite here at Crochetville is Photobucket.com. For instructions on how to add include your photo in your post, click here.
  2. Respect copyright law and do not infringe upon the rights of others.
    • If you want to link to a photo on your server space or upload it to your post, please be sure that you took the photo yourself. You may also use a photo taken by a friend or family member if you have their permission.
    • Please do not link to photos on your web space or upload to your post photos that you have taken from other sources on the internet without permission. Instead, you are welcome to provide a clickable link that will let members view the photo on its original home page on the web.
    • Please do not link to or post photos that you have scanned from published copyrighted sources such as books, magazines, pattern leaflets, blogs, other websites, etc.


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