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Nate McCloud

Hairpin lace - Joining more than two strips together?

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I've just recently developed an interest in hairpin lace. I've noticed that there are a lot of tutorials describing how to join two hairpin lace strips together, but only one (not very descriptive) tutorial on StitchDiva on how to join more than two strips together to form a fabric. The tutorial says that to avoid distorting the fabric, the strip that you insert the hook into the loops of first when joining should be alternated (for instance, for joining Strips 1 and 2, insert the hook into Strip 1's loops first, then Strip 2's; for joining Strips 2 and 3, it's 3 first, then 2; for Strips 3 and 4, it's 3 first, then 4; etc.) However, most (if not all) patterns that call for an sc join will tell you to join on the wrong side every yime...but in order to do that, the only thing I could think to do to join every other strip would be to start from the left, and work to the right. But that's awkward.


I thought about alternating which strip goes on top and which goes underneath...but when you finish that and unfold it, every other seam would be on the right side. I also thought about flipping the work so that when joining every other strip, the starting edges of the two strips would be facing opposite directions...but anyone who knows hairpin lace knows that the starting edges of all strips must face the same direction. I'm at the edge of sanity trying to figure this out!

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Thought of another (wrong) method of joining strips

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I'm sorry, I can't help other than to point you to the Hairpin Lace Yahoo group. Just search for "hairpin lace" in the groups area, and you'll find it. Surely somebody there can help!

Good luck! :cheer

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I have not personally liked the braided method for that reason and others...

I join my strips with regular crochet. mostly sc and chains. Alot like when joining squares for an afghan. It keeps the work lacey and you don't have that bulky braid.

I prefer making one long strip and then working it in a serpentine manner, instead of a lot of smaller strips (but have done it both ways). Like bruges crochet it is a flexible strip and can be worked in circles also. The most important thing to remember when joining your strips, is to keep your tension loose. This avoids alot of buckling and warping of the finished product. Bruges is worked in strips also, and you may find you can use some of the joining methods from those patterns.

Both are old arts and alot of the tricks used to work them up have been lost with time.

Hairpin lace was done originally on a hairpin.

Keep in mind that they were meant to be done with fine thread to make lace, which did not bulk up the way worsted does. Don't be afraid to experiment.

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The last link shows you two methods of finishing off your strips which then can be joined with any standard joining method used for squares or even the mile a minute strips.

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