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Christmas Scarf


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Hi, everyone! This is my first time posting here. Please pardon any mistakes. If there is anything I need to correct in terms of posting, please do let me know.


I started this scarf on Tuesday, 12/8. I wanted to be festive during the office holiday brunch. I finished it on Saturday morning. I think it looks okay. It turned out short, though, because I only had one skein of the red yarn for the scarf, but at $14 for 38 yards and two already purchased in red and cream, I didn't fret. That doesn't include what I spent for the other yarn and decorations for the appliques.


Hope you like it! :D


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Lovely work! As for posting, you should post this in "Show & Tell Categories" & then under "Holiday & Seasonal". Then more people will be able to see it.

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