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Bobble Diamonds Afghan

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very very nice....LOL about your grandsons thinking...I have a grandson like that too.....it was spring time and he was at our house to sleep over and it was evening and getting chilly. I asked him if he had a jacket with, he said "no, but you can just crochet me one with yarn" he was 5 at the time...I love the minds of the little ones

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Been a couple of weeks since I've been here. Thank you all for the lovely compliments. Got about 20 rows done on the Spring Green and I'm not sure I'm liking it in this color. Makes me think of something a bit gross. :lol I sure hope grandson will still like the color by the time he gets it.





Wishing you all Christmas Blessings!

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Thanks for all the new compliments! You're all very sweet.


I love the texture! Is it hard to work with just one color? I don't know if I could stick with it.


Lisa, it's an easy pattern to do while watching TV. Just have to keep a minor count on the pattern rows. Every other row is sc. I don't get bored working with one color knowing I'll have fewer loose ends. :lol Also, I really enjoyed looking at each set of completed diamonds. Plus, I made it for my beautiful, lovely daughter (she has that special inner beauty as well as outside) which spurred me on. Now I'm working on her son's afghan while watching Bones DVD's.


Actually, I think that is a great pic compared to some I ve tried to take.


Beautiful afghan too!


Thank you, Gina! I took so many and then it was Photoshopped. That background is definitely not my house!

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Thank you all for looking and for all the nice compliments. My daughter says it is very warm. And, Katy ... :rofl. I've used up the 2nd skein but haven't started the 3rd one yet. Been trying to make squares.


And on that note, anyone who reads this I sure would appreciate it if you would have a look at my comfortghan squares thread. Link is in my siggy. :ty



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Making pretty good progress on the Spring Green bobble diamonds ghan but haven't taken any more pictures. So far, the length is about 8 diamonds. Not sure how many more I have to make before the final few rows and the rsc edging.

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1 hour ago, d-ster said:

Is that issue still out there available somewhere? I'd love to try this pattern out!

I wish it was. I Googled Patsy Harbor and don't see any way to contact her. I have since made a baby blanket for my great-granddaughter and now I am working on one in Caron Country Blue. But I've had to put it down because of my wrists and thumbs hurting while I crochet or knit. :no:worried

I'll "hunt" for my copy...

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