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Hi from TX!

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Hey there! :hi My name is Devin and I'm from Dallas. I'm 24 and have just started to crochet. I work nights mostly, so my days were getting pretty dull. :sigh I needed a hobby! :crocheting I read that crochet was easier than knitting (and I'm a big fan of the path of least resistance) so I went and spent enough money on supplies to make my poor fiance waver momentarily in his relentless support of my every whim. :devil So far I have made a pair of cuffs (that turned out awful), a baby cardigan (that turned out too big) and a ruffle scarf (that turned out slightly too big) and am now making another ruffle scarf (that looks like it's going to be too small). :blush But, I'm having fun! :cheer


Oh, and if anyone can tell me how you are supposed to measure a ruffle (spiral?) scarf, that would really help. :)

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Hello, and welcome to the 'ville. I'm glad that you've joined our family. I agree that crochet is fun. Keep up the great work. Soon, you will be making perfect (at least to you) projects. Happy hooking, and have a wonderful day.

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