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Subscription to magazines in other languages


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I have seen some patterns from crochet magazines published in other countries. Does anyone know how you can purchase these magazines? Some of the patterns are so nice that I am willing to buy the magazine or book and have someone translate it for me if I have to. Any help is appreciated.

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What language?


the Japanese ones use stitch symbol diagrams extensively so you really don't have to be able to read the text to follow the pattern, although yarn info etc is in text. Japanese garment patterns only give one size, usually about a 34" bust, so if you want a different size you will have to experiment.


Select Yarn sells Japanese magazines http://www.selectyarn.com/

i just ordered from them and had great service. Keito Dama is a quarterly oversize magazine that they offer subs to.


Needlearts bookshop http://www.needleartsbookshop.com/Japanese_Knitting_Books.html


Lacis sells books in several languages http://lacis.com/catalog/

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