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candy cane ponies ***now has pattern ***

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Awwwww. Those are soooo cute!! Great job!!! I have a few horselovin' friends that would LOVE that. Do you have a pattern written up or would you be willing to write a pattern up?



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Crocheted Candy Cane Pony

Materials: color a )red or green sport yarnColor b) white sport yarn

Size 0 crochet hook Always ch1 before turning,and skip ch1 on next row.Do donot fasten off yarn,unless told,but hold to the side and carry up.

Row 1)With red or green ch33.Work 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook and each sc to end,ch 1 turn.

Row 2 With white work sc in each sc across,ch 1 turn .

Row 3) work even in white,at end of row drop white change to color a,ch 1 turn.

Row 4 ) work even in color a ch 1 turn

Row 5) work even in color a .At and end of row fasten off color and change to white.Ch 1 turn.

Row 6) work even in white.Ch 1 turn

Row 7) work even in white ,fasten off,turn work .

Row 8) With color a begin in 7th sc from end and dec,sc in next 6,dec 2x,sc in next 6sc,sc last 2sc .Ch 1 turn.

Row 9) Work even .At end of row change to white ,ch1 turn

Row 10) work even ch1 turn.

Row 11) dec 1 sc at beg and end of row at end of row change to color a,ch 1 turn

Row 12) work even on ,ch 1 turn

Row 13) 5 sc ,dec 2x’s, 5sc fasten off color a ,change to white ch1 turn

Row 14) work even ch 1 turn

Row 15 )dec 1 sc each end. Fasten off white and tie all ends in.

Fold in half and sew up,leaving bottom open and tucking corner at back of head slightly. To make ear:With color a ch 6,sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch to end,ch 2 turn. Skip these 2 and work sc down other side of base. Repeat for 2nd ear.Stuff nose slightly and sew ears on to 2nd colored strip.

For Mane: cut approx. 26 2½ pieces of yarn . Fold each piece in ½ and pull through st and pull ends through loop .Place these along neck and top of head.Trim evenly when done. I took a dollar store brush and laid the head down and carefully brushed the mane out.

Reins: ch 120 with color a and fold in half and either pull through stitch or sew at bottom of nose and back of neck.Cut black circles for eyes,or make French knots,I also use black fabric paint.

Carefully push candy cane into head and adjust stuffing.

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