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Fish bookmark


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Someone asked me if I have a pattern for fish bookmark I showed some time ago. Then I realised that I wrote the pattern down, but didn't post it. So here it comes, maybe someone would like to try this... :)




Fish bookmark by Anna Pakura 2010

1) Ch 4, 5 dcin 4th ch from hook; turn.

2) Ch 3, dc in same st,

(dc in next st, 2 dc in next st) x2, dc in next st; turn.

3) Ch 3, dc in same st, dc in next 7 st, 2 dc in last st; turn.

4) Ch 4, 3 tr in same st,

(dc in next 2 st together, dc in next st) x3, 4 tr in last st; turn.

5) Sl st in 4 tr and in next st, ch 3, dc in next 2 st tog, dc in next 3 st tog; turn.

6) Ch 2, in next st make: dc, 3 tr, dc, sc; in next st make: sc, dc, 3 tr, dc, sc. Finish off.

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Thank you so much for sharing this cute little bookmark! We have a 5 year old dear granddaughter who is a bookworm and a great little fishergirl also. Will be a wonderful stocking stuffer!!!


HappyCrocheting :o)


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I love the pattern but there are a couple things missing. What size of hook and what type of thread did you use? Could you please post so I would know what you would recommend? Thanks ever so much. :D


I used 1.5mm hook and Snehurka thread. It's Czech's trademark and in Europe they don't number thread like in US, so I don't know if it's size 10 or 20. Fortunately, for such a bookmark the size is not as important as eg. for a dress... :)The bookmark is a good idea to use thread stash, so you can use whatever you want.

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I just made this fish using Peaches & Crème 4 ply cotton yarn and a G hook.  I made two, sewed them together and stuffed it to make a cute little three dimensional fish.  I love it!

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