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Giveaway FAQ

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Crochetville members are incredibly generous and fun-spirited. The Giveaways area was created after several members decided they wanted to spread some joy around by offering occasional or regular giveaways to other members.


Who Can Enter a Giveaway?


In general, any Crochetville member who is at least 18 years old, with an account in good standing, may enter a giveaway. Some giveaways may have additional restrictions, such as place of residence.


Who Can Start a Giveaway?


Any Crochetville member who is at least 18 years old, with an account in good standing, including crochet- and fiber-related indie businesses, may start a giveaway at any time.


You may not charge a fee for entering the giveaway nor require the winner to pay shipping to receive their prize. The giveaway sponsor must pay for any shipping and packaging costs.


Other Business-Related Giveaways


If you are a non-indie business and wish to start a giveaway, please use the Contact Us form to let Amy and Donna know of your interest. We'll be happy to discuss arrangements with you.


Requesting Winner Mailing Addresses


Each giveaway sponsor should contact the winner via PM to request a mailing address. Winners should provide the mailing address via PM or email. For security purposes, mailing addresses should never be posted within the giveaway thread.


Clarification Added 3/27/11: You may not require/request all participants to send you their mailing address. Mailing addresses or other contact information should be requested ONLY from giveaway winners and should only be used to send the giveaway prize.


Giveaway Thread Management


To help make it easier for members to find the giveaways that are currently open, please take a few moments to do the following things at the end of your giveaway:


1. After your giveaway has closed (you're no longer accepting entries), please edit the title of your thread and add "GIVEAWAY CLOSED" or something similar.


2. Once you have selected your winner, please edit the title of your thread to say "WINNER SELECTED" and edit the first post to include the winner's username.


Problems with Giveaways


The member posting the giveaway is completely responsible for the giveaway. Crochetville is responsible only for giveaways started by Crochetville LLC; such giveaways will be titled "OFFICIAL CROCHETVILLE GIVEAWAY."


If you don't receive a giveaway item you were promised, please handle your concerns privately. First, contact the member sponsoring the giveaway via PM or email. It's possible the item was lost in the mail, in which case the giveaway sponsor is under no obligation to send a replacement. If you're still unhappy after talking with the giveaway sponsor, you can use the Contact Us form to let Amy and Donna know about the situation. We will keep a record of any reported problems, only so we can make sure we don't have problems with a giveaway sponsor consistently not sending out promised packages.

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