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Pants with Pizzazz -15" doll Majorly image intense.

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Pants with Pizzazz… 15” doll :pinterest




Bernat Pizzazz yarn and 5.mm hook

Phentex merit yarn.

RH WW yarn

5 buttons

one margarine tub top


Join all rounds unless told otherwise.

DNBO = do not break off


The Pants…







Ch 54 and join to form a ring..


Row 1: hdc in every ch.


Rows 2-6: hdc evenly.


Row 7: 2 dc in 1st st, hdc in 25, 2 dc in next 2, hdc in 25, 2 dc in last.


Row 8: 2 dc in 1st st, hdc in 27, 2 dc in next 2, dc in 27, 2 dc in last.


Row 9: hdc in 31, sl st into 1st hdc, hdc to last stitch and sl st into32nd hdc, join in 1st hdc. Crotch formed. Work each leg hole separately now…


Row L1: Hdc evenly around.


Rows L2- L5 : dec by 3 sts on each round, stagger the decreases. You want to be getting to or near 18 sts when finished decreasing.


Work 4 more rows evenly in hdc. Break off and tidy ends.


Waistband… return to the original ch sts to work the other side for the waistband.


Rows W1-2: sc around working 2 decreases in each of the back and front sides (8 dec on each row)


Rows W3-4: sc evenly around. Break off and tidy all ends


Front bib: Mark out 14 sts at centre front. All rows use sc. Att yarn and sc in 14 sts.


Work 1 more row evenly in sc.


Work 1 decrease on ea side for 3 rows. Just a note that I never work my dec on the edge st. I like to keep the edges even.


Work 2 more rows evenly. break off and tidy all ends.


Braces: mark out 7 sts at centre back. Att yarn and work 7 sc.


Work : sc in 3, 2 sc in next, sc in 3. start straps…


Sc across 4 sts. Ch 1 turn. Continue to work these 4 sts in sc until it meets the bib in front.


Sc in1, ch 2, sk 2. sc in last break off and tidy ends. Return to brace and work the other 4 sts as the first strap. Add buttons to bib.






w/ 5.mm hook and Merit WW yarn ch 22.


Row 1: hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in ea ch across. (21 hdc)


Row 2: sc evenly across.


Row 3: sc in 1st st, 2 fpsc in every st to last, sc in last. (40 sts)


Row 4: hdc in 6, ch1, hdc in 8, ch1, hdc in 12, ch1, hdc in 8, ch1, hdc in 6.


Row 5: dc in 6, V-st (dc-ch1-dc) in ch 1 sp, dc in 8, V-st in ch 1 sp, dc in 12, V-st in ch 1 sp, dc in 8, V-st in ch 1 sp, dc in 6


Rows 6-7: dc in every dc and V-st in every V-st..


Row 8: dc in every st up to and into V-s, ch 1, sk to next V-st, dc in every st to next V-st, ch 1, sk to next V-st, dc to end.


Row 9: dc in 9, work dbl dc dec over [dc/ch 1 so/dc], dc in 18, work dbl dc dec over [dc/ch 1 so/dc], dc in 18, dc in 9.


Row 10: dc evenly across.


At this point, you should be at the bottom of the right back edge. Sc along this back edge working in button loops as you go. Break off and tidy all ends. Sew on buttons


The hat…






use a large margarine tub lid. Cut and form the hat as shown.




Work SC around the hat working very closely to stop any show thru and join. Work along the outer edge.


Row 2: sc in same st as join. *Ch 3, sk 2, sc in next* rep around however it works out.


Row 3: sc into ch 3 space. Work around the ch 3 spaces putting 3 sts in every space. Start with sc for a few sts, move up to hdc then do dc as you get to the front then work back down the sizes to the end.


Row 4: ch 1 and turn… work around the hat again putting sc in sc, hdc in hdc and dc in dc from the row below. Work increases only if necessary to keep the hat flat. Secure but DNBO Pizzazz and tidy ends. Att white


Row 5: work evenly in dc. Break off and tidy ends.


Work one row of crab stitch with pizzazz yarn. Break off and tidy ends.


Work twisted yarn ties on each side of hat on row 2


Truth to tell… I wanted a visor for this part but it did not work out. If/when I can get a visor to work… I’ll get back to you J


Back pack…



w/ WW mauve yarn and 5,mm hook


ch 12


Row 1: 4 dc in rd ch from hook, dc in 8, 5dc in last ch, dc along other side of ch, 1 more dc in beg ch. join.


Rows 2-5 : dc evenly around.


Row 6: dc around but work 2 dec on

Front’ on pack, join, ch 1 and turn.


Row 7: flap… working in front loops only, sc in 10.


Work 2 rows of dc evenly.


Work 3 rows of sc with a dec on ea side for ea row. (4 sts left)


Sc in 1, ch 2, sk 2, sc in last Break off and tidy ends.



Straps: attach yarn in open loop from row 7. Sc in 5 sts, ch 1 and turn. work as many rows of sc ribbing (sc in back loops only) as you need to let the backpack get on easily. When long enough sl st or sew strap to side of back pack. Repeat on the last 5 loops for 2nd strap.








You will need 2 covered hair elastics as well as 5.mm hook and white WW yarn


Ch 5


Row 1: 2 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next, hdc in next, 5 hdc in next, hdc in next, sc in next, 1 more sc in beg st.


Row 2: 2 hdc in 1st 2 sts, hdc in 3, 2 hdc in next 5, hdc in 2, 2 hdc in last.


Row 3: flip sole good side down and work fpsc in every st. ch 1 turn.


Row 4: hdc in 1st, hdc dec in next, hdc to last 2 sts, hdc dec,


Row 5: hdc around working 6 dec at front.


Strap.. double the hair elastic and work sc in shoe and over the elastic as directed…

Sc in 4, [ch 1, sc over elastic]3 times, ch 1 sk to last 4 sts, sc in 4.


Copyright: Darlene Cutler - 2010


I do not have a problem with people/groups using my patterns to make a little extra money by physically making them and selling the items they make.


However, I do not permit the selling of my patterns for money. I have once given permission for a booklet to be made of them for a charitable sale and I may do so again *if I am asked* and if it is for a church, charity or school type group. But first you have to ask.


Furthermore, If you choose to use my patterns as a money maker, I do not permit my images to be used for any advertizing of your work. You must make your own item and photograph that. These images are as much a part of my Web image as a designer as the patterns are and I reserve that use to myself alone.





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I'm so, so glad that the poll turned out in Dora's favor!!!! I haven't made any of them but I have saved the patterns for when I find a little girl to crochet for. Thanks!

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What a gorgeous outfit!! The hat is sooo cute!! (I bought 2 Dora's a few yrs. back BECAUSE @ the time my oldest dgd was at the age of Dora and I thought your clothes for Dora were so darn cute(I never made the outfits)........well, my oldest dgd has outgrown Dora, and so has my 2nd dgd!!:blush :blush I have two more dgd's and doggone it I better make Dora some clothes that way when the girls come over they can play dress up with the Dora's)!! :blush :blush

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