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He did it! Hedidithedidithedidit!

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Jimbo did! :c9


Have you checked out his site lately? He created an AWESOME, FANTASTIC, GORGEOUS, EXQUISITE (pardon the superlatives...you'll understand if you're a threadie and have seen this) hook set with Boye Interchangable thread-hook heads and a Jimbo handle!!:c9:manyheart It is worth the superlatives. :D I just wish I had the $65 to buy it...:drool (somebody get a mop, please) :drool

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WOW!!!! I use to be a thready but I can't do it anymore because I can no longer hold the hook because it hurts my hand. I'm a Boye gal so this would be right up my alley but not sure I can afford it right now. Hmmm maybe I can save up a little each week.

Great job Jimbo.:clap

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