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Simple Round Ripple With No Gaps

Aggie May

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Thank you Aggie May so much for your time in preparing this pattern. First crocheting it, then writing it up and on to putting it in here for all of us. Truly a gorgeous afghan and am going to make it soon Crfty

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Thanks once again Aggie May -- I will try this on my next RR. Looks very pretty without the holes, but I am thinking the original is easier to keep the count. Actualy, with the original, you don't have to count much at all, just watch for the spacers. Still, I think I might just like the looks of this one best. Have to see how it goes. Thanks to both of you -- Buckleigh for asking and you for generously obliging!

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Thank you for putting on this pattern, this is my first round ripple and I am enjoying doing it, I'm doing Red,Green and Gold as a present for my Mum for Christmas.


I have a question though, if you don't mind?

(I have got to the bit where you have to do extra DC when written in Red)


mine is starting to get abit gathered,( ruched up) will this work it's self out as it gets bigger or have I done something wrong?


Any thoughts would be much appreciated:hook

many thanks:blush

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:cheerI have sent a PM to newtocrochet1976 but thought i would also add a bit here.

If you are working on this pattern and it starts to go a bit frilly, just work a row with less stitches in the points.

The sample I made is sitting nice and flat but I realise that others work to different tensions so this could be a way to remedy the problem.

If it starts to go frilly, fold it in half and see if it is a nice D shape.

If it is more of a cresent shape, you will need to do the occasional row with less stitches in the points so work 2 less DC at this place.

Just do this as and when you think it needs it.

Hope this helps.

Have fun.


PS, Remember, a pattern is just a guide and can be changed, if necessary, to make it right for you.

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I love it! I will definitely have to try it once I get done the magic ball one I am doing now with your other pattern! Thank you so much for coming up with this and sharing it! :)



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