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BIG hook sale going on


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Yup, BIG hooks are on sale now in my blog. Three hooks made from birch, collected from a slash pile near Kelowna BC* are offered for sale... plus a redheart beauty. These hooks are made, based on our discussions awhile back on what qualities very large hooks should have to make them more hooker friendly. We decided that a grip smaller than the shank diameter would be cool, as would extra hook length and light weight. These hooks have all that plus the trademark Jimbo flare at the heels for balance.


Zip on over to have a look by clicking on the picture link below this post.






* I rescued the sticks while we were on a short vacation in BEAUTIFUL British Columbia, Canada. The Kelowna and Penticton area is famous for it's wineries and, for me, slash piles of sticks that make very nice crochet hooks! Its a great place to visit and I highly recommend the area as a vacation destination!

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