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I'm having issues .. lol


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I know I can make a sweater! I've attempted to make a dog sweater only to rip it so many times and start over so I decided to take a breather from sweaters and practice with the stitches ... this was one of the problems, the pattern I was following had some stitches that I didn't have any practice with.... most of you know that I'm still learning. The one thing that I like with crochet is 1) I have "one of a kind" items that I won't find in stores. 2) Gift giving and most importanly 3) It is actually good for my health and helps me relax. Here is something I made today, I decided that this would make a good coaster. It was actually going to be a hot pad but I messed up on it. The doily that you see there underneath the vase, is 20 years old crocheted by my late grandmother :-)



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