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Autumn leaves

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These autumn leaves are the coasters and I gave them to my friend. I made these leaves experimenting with thread - I couldn't decide what size and colour to use. These 5 are almost the same size (about 10cm wide) but I've got a few more, bigger and smaller. :autumnThe complete set includes also a big doily leaf and tea-lighters - I have one in varigated green almost done, but not starched yet. When it is ready, I'll take a picture and show :)



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Thank you very much! :manyheart


First I found a pattern on some Russian (!) forum a few years ago and I made a leaf which I didn't like, because I starched it too much. Now I found similar pattern in Christmas Polish magazine - "Sabrina Robótki Extra: Szydełkowe Boże Narodzenie" 4/2008, but I changed it a little. I made smaller and biger leaves using one pattern. Then I experimented with my own pattern for a leaf tea-lighter and this one I could share, but don't have the picture yet.

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I have the pattern for those. I think it's time to pull it back out. Last year I made everyone a kitchen set except me.


2 strands of cotton makes a great trivit or potholder

1 strand of cotton makes for a smaller one

thread makes for awesome matching coasters!


they look really good in the colors you chose!

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