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A Place for Every Crochet Hook

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My former biscotti tin (thank you Mr. major coffee conglomerate!) worked well as a hook storage unit until I started collecting old hooks from family members and thrift markets. But it really failed when I began purchasing some new ergonomic hooks to increase my crochet speed and comfort. Needless to say, all this hooky acquisition resulted in one, or several if I'm being honest, highly confused piles of steel, aluminum, plastic, and bamboo. And yet with a huff and more than a few frustrated complaining sessions I had given up. Organisation is not my strongpoint.


If you've found yourself in the same position, getting poked by random embroidery needles while hunting for a non-existent and clearly M.I.A. crochet hook in your hook stash, it's time for reorganising. It may be something you've been avoiding for awhile, but it's time for some clarity. Besides, if your hook stash is a careful selection of hooks, one for each and every type of crochet stitch and task, gathered over many years, it deserves some respect! For that matter, so do you! Give your hook stash, and you, some organisation TLC.


Wait! Did I mention that organisation is not my strongpoint? Well, it isn't. But there are many hook storage solutions that other clever people have invented to safe us some grief. As mentioned, I've tried the handy, lying-around-the-house storage tin. It worked for a while, but putting all your crochet tools (needles, hooks, random yarn bits, scissors, stitch markers, etc.) in one tin is just not sustainable. Then there's the little cases basic hook sets come with from major craft retailers… let's face it, you are going to expand your hook collection, you will need a really massive or really tiny hook that didn't come in the kit, so you might as well upgrade your storage device from the beginning. Carpenters use tool kits, so should crocheters.


Solution. Keep your yarn stash in a separate bin, organised by colour in separate air-tight bags. Have a small bag for yarn "tid bits" and cuttings. Buy a small wooden needle holder (like a pill box but for sewing needles). It will prevent those unpleasant pokes directly under your fingernails. For extra protection, place a knitting needle topper on the end of your scissors too. Also have a small tin (try an Altoids mint tin) for your stitch markers. Place all of these items inside a large bin/basket/drawer, something not unsightly, remember this is your treasured pastime, it should feel like a treat every time you open up a get started, not a frustrating game of hide-and-go-seek.


So that should have you set up with all the bits of bobs of things crocheters evitably gather over the years. So we're down to the hooks.


Your hook storage container should be the crowning achievement of your newly organised supply stash. Go online, look for a roll up case with lots of hook slots. Be honest, don't get one with too few or too few slots. If you're like me you might as well get one with too many, because it won't be too many for very long. Your case should be easy to access, comfortable to hold, be your favourite colours, and not drop your hooks when shaken (give it a good shake test if you can). Don't skimp out. You'll only need to buy one of these for your whole lifetime. Get the one you want.


What did I do? I am absolutely lucky to have a friend with particularly well-honed sewing and fabric designing talent. Jasonda Desmond, the designer extraordinaire behind Dotty Logic (http://www.etsy.com/shop/dottylogic), just so happens to share a pot of tea with me every now and again. A few days after one of my whining sessions (yes, I had a band-aid on my finger from an unsuccessful hook search), she dropped by unexpectedly with an impromptu gift.


It's perfect. Organic cotton, soft in the hands, lots of storage slots, my dream hook holder. Today I think I'll grab out my 3.5mm hook and get started. And guess what, I won't be needing anymore band-aids :) I am sad to report though, that this is a one-time only work of art by Jasonda. For your own check out some other Etsy sellers.



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Oh, so pretty!

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