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12 in Squares Needed


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Getting a lot of questions about colors to make it easy just redheart acrylic is fine. In coffee, petal pink, and rose pink. Thank you so much in advance


So I hate to ask when so many seem to be asking right now.


Here's a lil info



My sister has been having unbearable pain for the past year and a half. Eventually (more recently) she started having short term memory loss, migrains to the point where she throws up, and still the pain. She's super skinny now at just barely 100 pounds. she can hardly get out of bed some days. It took them almost a year to tell her she has the beginings of M.S. then just two weeks ago she finally had a cat scan ( a lil late if you ask me) and was told she has a tumor on her brain. Now it is benign but it's pressing against her nerves causing the deep pain she's feeling. So now she's taking so many pills a day it's hard to keep track. She's on pain killers, anti depressiants, anti phsyotics, steroids. She got a steroid shot right in her head. They are attempting to shrink it, and doing a scan again in a month. Then if no change operateing to remove it. It's not inoperable but it a big risk and a very serious surgury. She also has four kids. Three who are currently visiting for the summer(she's divorced) and she's been getting up every day, living off pills saving face for her kids. Then on top of that put together a party for my birthday this sunday and went out of her way. It's a bit hard for me as we've never been that close until recently. & it's hard to watch her miss out on her kids birthdays and holidays and when she finally gets them for the summer she has to deal with this.



Anyways. I'm asking for 12 inch squares with this pattern in WW yarn


if it's too difficult please let me know, I can find something else I just want a uniform look to the afghan.


& I'm looking for the colors in the picture below. (minus the white as I'm joining it in white and doing a white border.)

Thanks for reading if you read all that I know it's a bit long.


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Okay, I have some squares done for you, and I have to say - the pattern & colors you chose are really pretty! I will get them in the mail on Friday...


Thank you so much. I got a square that Erin gave me today while I was over at her house for the comfortghan and I do love the colors. I appreciate your help so much!

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Thank you !! to everyone that has helped so far! I'm getting close.


How close are you getting?

do you still need squares?







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