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Manny Minion

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We have seen a lot of ads for the new movie called Despicable Me. Anyway, Tampa Guy kept saying how he liked the little Minions. Infact, he laughed every time he saw them on TV.


So I went looking on the computer for a still pictures and found plenty. Then the other day, there was a large picture in the paper.


So I got out my yellow, denim blue, black and silver size 10 thread and size 7 hook. Off I went, making notes and made little Manny here. Before I finished I asked if he wanted 1 or 2 eyes. Since he did not know what I was making, he had no idea why I asked. I then had to show him and he said 1.


Here is my version of the minions in the movie. Hope you like him


So Everyone Meet Manny


post-105-135897549391_thumb.jpg More Pictures

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He's very cute! The movie is great--lots of laughs! Someone on Ravelry came up with a free pattern for a minion. I have the yellow body made and am working on his clothes. Not sure if I'll do one or two eyes. After seeing the movie, I'll have to make more than 1 since there are all sizes of minions. I especially like the one that dressed up like a baby and was wearing a diaper.

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Thank you all. I had fun making him. I did mine freehand, but it is nice to know there is a pattern if someone wants one.

I have not seen the movie yet, but Ihear it is really funny.:hook

Yeah, I also think one eye gives him character.:rofl

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Hi TampDoll,

How cute, I want one to. Ever since I saw the announcements of the movie I've liked all the Mannys.

Tampa Doll you did a very nice job of crocheting him.


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Too Too Cute!!!!!!! Are you going to share the pattern with all of us????




I don't really have a pattern. I did it free hand. Someone did say there is a free pattern on Ravelry. I have not seen it.

Thank you all for the compliments. Tampa Guy loves him and has put him with all his other friends in the back.:hook

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