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Cheshire Cat

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Here is my version of a Cheshire Cat - a non Disney Cheshire Cat...

I designed him last winter. He's a really big guy too.

I used Caron wintuk yarn to make him. I noticed it was up on the Herrschner's site last night and I just was tickled to see him up there - along with a few of his friends that I'll post up separately..



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Thanks guys! He's one of my favorites :) I love the color combination. When I told Caron that was what I was going to use, I think they doubted me a bit but I just love it all together. I want to make a dog out of those colors now - I have one started... I just need to get to finishing it lol.


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20Mary08 how funny that you said that - uhm... uncomfortable silence... that is the same cat in the catalog... I haven't seen the catalog yet. It's funny how a picture angle can change everything I suppose.

I do love this cat. I had a few challenges along the design road but I was really happy with the outcome. I just love that grin. It cracks me up every time I think about it.

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