Graphgans for Dummies?

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I've been looking around for some info about creating a graph-gan, but it seems like a lot of the information there assumes that I already know more than I do.


I've seen people say, "use this program." So I downloaded the program, but I'm not sure exactly what to do from there.


For those that have made graph-gans before, what are the steps you go through in creating them?


Does anyone know if there is a good guide for these for people that are just starting?

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good question. i've been wondering the same thing. hope someone answers.

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Obviously the first step would be to think of something you want to graph and if you'll be doing it in sc or tunisian. (I tried it in dc and it just didn't work)


The 2nd step is deciding how much of the ghan you want graphed and how much border you want around it. Are you making it baby ghan sized or full sized? Do you want just the center to be graphed (it'll still be baby ghan sized) with a large border or a full size ghan that's just finished off with a round or 2 of sc for strength?


Once you decide how big you want the graphed section to be then you need to know or swatch to get the numbers. For example a 4x6 foot ghan in sc (with redheart and an I hook) would be 175 sts across by 225 stitches/rows high.


At some point during this stage you'll also need to decide how many colors you want or need to use. You'll also need to decide if you're going to cover the backside or let it show in which case you'll HAVE to do a neat job with all the ends.


You might want to start small and make a pillow cover or wallhanging or something to get the hang of it before you jump right into a ghan. I started with 1 of each and found out that my hands (even after the carpel tunnel surgery) can't handle that many scs.


what program did you download?

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