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I keep seeing them but I haven't purchased any, it just seems so expensive for that. I bought a tote bag that holds 6 skeins of yarn with a yarn hole at the top. I just read on Ravelry.com that someone used a tea pot. and had the yarn come out the spout.

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What a cute/clever idea - I just use the old Quaker Oats tin (with a hole in the top) I inherited from DH's grandmother, but could find an opportunity for one of those . . . .

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I've seen a bunch on Pinterest and Ravelry so I went to look for hopefully cheaper ones than etsy.

Not much luck however I did find some ideas for do it yourself.


1. This one made me think of a colander. Metal or ceramic. Would be great for thread. If you have/find one with large holes, good for yarn. Find one in a thrift store or one you're not using. Use as it or spray paint it a color you love.





2. This one reminded me of air dry clay. Or homemade clay you dry/bake. Or anything along those lines.

Form the clay/dough into the shape you want, add hole and slit.

You could form it over a bowl covered in saran wrap to help shape it.

Let dry completely.





3. These two are made from yarn. Something to do with your leftovers.

Note that you will probably want to weight them down. Glue something heavy inside to the bottom or to the bottom outside. Maybe glue it to a block of wood or ceramic tile. Mabye glue marbles, the flat kind, to the inside or outside. Lots of things to do.







Hope this helps someone. :)

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