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More Table Runners in Half the Time


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Just found out this morning that this book was finally out at Annies Attic. I wish I had better pictures of the runners in this book. But If you follow the link it has great pictures of all the different runners.

here is the link.

The book is runners that are all done in size 3 thread so they work up quickly. I can hardly wait for some of them to come home to me as I already know where they are going.

The pictures I have do not do them justice. I only took them for my records.

But here are my pictures, as I said if you want to see better follow the link and take a peek.



This was a fun book to design the patterns for.





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Thank you everyone. I received my copy of the book today and my runners. I am rather proud of how the book turned out. They did a fantastic job of making my runners look great. I am still in awe everytime I see one of my designs in print.

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Oooooohhhh......when I saw the white one I immediately thought of a bedspread! Can you imagine how gorgeous it would be on a bed?


It doesn't look like it would be difficult to enlarge, either. I just don't know if I have that kind of stick-to-it-ness, though....especially since we have a king-size bed! :P


They're all really beautiful patterns! I'm going to have to put this book on my wish list!


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