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Reversible dish scrubber using recycled mesh produce bags

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I love recycled crafts, so for quite a while I was saving mesh produce bags. I used to work in food service and had access to orange and lemon bags every day, so I rescued as many as I could from the garbage. And now I finally have a use for them - dish scrubbers!


Cut into long strips and linked together link plarn, it makes a crazy scrubby yarn. It's challenging to work with because it tangles really easily, but it turns out really cool. My finished design is reversible - it is scrubby on one side, and SUPER scrubby on the other!


The pattern is supposed to have a slideshow that goes with it showing the cutting and use of the mesh bag yarn (the written directions could be confusing without photos to accompany), but the photo server at the website is being all wonky, so it's not up yet... But it will be soon! :) So check back - I will update here when it is finally working right! :)


UPDATE: Slideshow now working!


Reversible dish scrubber using recycled mesh produce bags



ETA: You can also check this out:


How to make mesh citrus bags into yarn for crocheted kitchen dish scrubbers


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