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Sexy Lacey Peasant Top


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Well...... I mean any publicity is good publicity..but I just like to keep it all "at home" sorta-speak ;)


I just always have had a sponsor(yarn store/supplier) and then I create the design, send it for pics for the mag. layout, and then get my garment back..it's WAY too much work to just let go like that:eek


Maybe some publishers/mags. are different????:think


Your designs are Fab, congrats!:cheer

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are the patterns for your batheing suits available?:drool


he he he..;) I love that face.. alright, alright, I guess I need to get Busy creating some patterns for the suits, I've ONLY been e-mailed about a gazillion times since I posted them in the forum last night! LOL:eek


I am sending some suits to Sports Ill. first, then I will be able to see where I am going with them, but I am focusing on my women's and children's crochet clothing designs now for a book, ..... I crochet everything I make "freehand" with no patterns , just from my imagination, so it's like pulling teeth for me to write a pattern:thair



but I'll let you all know asap when I can:D

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Hey:D It was the cover of the May issue... I will be posting it shortly

(as soon as my newborn is asleep!LOL), the original pattern, I never sell them, so I own all the rights;)


Please let me know if I can help at all!


Woah how did you manage that? The Crochet Fantasy terms are that they own the rights for 2 years (what I got told when I submitted), maybe it was different before the management changeover? I know Crochet! magazine keeps the rights forever. So that was a good deal! How does having a yarn sponsor get you the rights back? (confused)

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