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My FIRST sock monkey based on Doobs pattern 12"

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I finally finished my very first sock monkey. I had been dreaming of making one since I first learned to crochet a month ago. I could never find the right pattern to fit my needs until I found the baby sock monkey pattern by Doobs. I altered it a bit and made it fit to me and added more rounds than called for and used a larger hook to make Jack a 12" doll. I love this dude! He is my new friend and I'm so happy I finished him! It took me about 18 hours off and on working on him...the duties called...UGH...lol.


Thanks for looking! :D






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Girlfriend you say you just learned to crochet a month or so ago well my dear i've been crocheting for ages and i bet i couldnt have done a great looking sock monkey as yours.


You did a awesome job...



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What a great job! Hard to believ you just recently started and already altering patterns! I love your version -- you even gave him a smiley butt! Love his little topknot too!

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Awwww...well thanks ladies! Yeah...I get asked a lot about being a "beginner"...lol! I'm just a fast learner I guess...I don't know...lol. I take yarn and hooks with me almost everywhere I go where I'll be still enough to crochet...lol. Mostly parked while I'm waiting for my kids to come out of school.


AND...I'm a bit confused (and embarassed)...lol...I guess time sneaks up on me...but I started STARTED crocheting in December...lol. I don't know what's up or down right about now. :eekMaybe I'm just having so much fun crocheting time flew by...lmbo! Still...thank you all for your kind words! I guess now I have to go change my siggy huh?


DebraKay...LMBO...I had to give him his smiley butt! :lol He was inspired by the sock monkey in this one Kia commercial.

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I guess now I have to go change my siggy huh?

" Shhhh...can't you see I'm counting?!

Crocheting since February December 2010"

Oops -- now you will have to change your siggy one more time -- December 2010 hasn't got here yet. You want December 2009' date=' I think. [/font']

I am going to have to break down and crochet this little guy. Just looking at your thread again tonight thinking how cute he is. Looked through my stash and I do have some brown, but not quite what I want for him. Think my garnddaughter should have him to go with the "store-bought" sock monkey she has.

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Hi Y.Marie, this is a 10 year old post and it looks like the OP hasn't been on here for 8 years...I found some other old posts mentioning and linking to this pattern, it was apparently was originally posted here on Crochetville,  but the links now 'say' they are invalid.

This site has gone through several software overhauls since it began, and during one of them a lot of links got messed up.  Also, at one time this site had a section for member so sell their patterns, but that section has since been removed.  It may also be that the poster removed their pattern.  

Here are some free crochet sock monkey patterns that might appeal to you







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Hi Granny square,

Thank you so much for your help on finding monkey crochet patterns. I figured I was 10 years behind the posts that I saw

are old ones. The last post you put up is the one that I liked a monkey and other cute patterns a lady has on ravelry.

Have a nice evening and thank you,

Yolanda Garza

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