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What Deals Would You Like to See?

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Crochetville is taking part in a new affiliate program that will automatically generate threads in this forum for eBay Daily Deals. We are doing this on a trial basis right now to see how well it will work for us.


We are limiting the types of products for which threads will be created to focus on items of potential interest to our members and visitors. We are currently using terms like: crochet, yarn, crochet hook, crochet pattern, knitting pattern, knitting needles, knitting. Since this is eBay and not amazon, there may not be many of these results.


Other non-crochet-related items may be of interest to our members such as "digital camera," so you can find great new cameras to take pictures of your crocheted items to post in show-and-tell.


Please let us know of any other items you'd like us to add to our search terms. The terms you suggest do not have to be crochet or fiber-related.


To prevent the Daily Deals from creating too much clutter in our "New Posts" menu, we have set the following limits:


  • the forum will search for new Daily Deals every 12 hours
  • A maximum of 10 new threads will be created with each search
  • Threads will be automatically closed after 24 hours so threads for out-of-date items will not appear in the New Posts results

Please let us know your thoughts on the eBay Daily Deals program.

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