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Coral-iscious 26" toddler doll

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Coral-iscious - 26" child/toddler doll :pinterest



This doll is a 26" toddler doll made by Jesmar (So I am calling her Jessy). She seems to be an uncommon size but the pattern should be easy to adapt to other sizes if you get the general pattern methods.


WW yarn in white and coral

5mm hook

Elastic waistband to fit your doll.

DNBO = do not break off


Pantaloons... with white



Work 56 sc around waistband and join


Rows 1-5: dc evenly around.


Row 6: dc in 28, join w/ slst to 1st stitch, dc to end, join w/ slst in 29th stitch.




Legs... work around the leg openings as follows...


Row L1: ch 3 and dc in every stitch (29dc)


Row L2: work 1 increase at outside edge.(30 dc)


Row L3-4: work evenly in dc.


Row L5: work in dc and inc 1 in last stitch. (31dc)


Row L6: ch3, *sk 1, V-st (dc, ch 1, dc) in next, sk 1 dc in next* repeat to end and join. Note, you will not skip a stitch at the end... sorry bout that.


Rows L7-10: work a FPdc around each lone dc and a shell [2dc, ch1, 2dc] in ea V-st. (I did not attempt to get an FPdc with the original ch 3... it doesn't show anyway☺) Break off and tidy all ends.


The Dress... with coral






Ch 31


Row 1: hdc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across. (30 hdc)


Row 2: sc in ea hdc in Front Loop Only


Row 3: hdc in 1st sc, *2hdc in next sc, hdc in next* to last sc. 1 hdc in last sc. (44 hdc)



Row 4: hdc in 6, 2hdc in next 2, hdc in 6, 2hdc in next 2, hdc in 12, 2hdc in next 2,, hdc in 6, 2hdc in next 2, hdc in 6. (52 hdc)


Row 5: dc in 7, 2dc in next 2, dc in 8, 2dc in next 2, dc in 14, 2dc in next 2,, dc in 8, 2dc in next 2, dc in 7, (60 dc)


Row 6: dc in 8, 2dc in next 2, dc in 10, 2dc in next 2, dc in 16, 2dc in next 2, dc in 10, 2dc in next 2, dc in 8. (68 dc)


Row 7: Tr in 9, 2Tr in next 2, Tr in 12, 2dc in next 2, Tr in 18, 2Tr in next 2, Tr in 12, 2Tr in next 2, Tr in 9. (76Tr)


Row 8: dc in 11, ch3, sk 16, dc in 22, ch 3, sk 16, dc in 11. (44 dc and 2 ch3 segments) Break off coral and tidy all ends.


Row 9: attach white... dc in first 2 sts, *sk 1, V-st (dc, ch1, dc) in next* repeat to last 2 sts, dc in last 2,. Note... I had no sk 1 between the last V-st and the 2dc ... just saying. I wanted the fullness.) (23 V's)


Row 10-11: dc in 2 dc, shell (2dc, ch1, 2dc) in every V-st or shell, dc in last 2. Secure white but DNBO attach coral


Row 12: work as row 11 in coral. Break off coral and tidy all ends.


Row 13:work as established in white...join . and turn work. This should be a wrong side row; you turn to work right side out from here on.


Row 14: ch 4, 2dc in same space, work shell in shell to end, work 1 more dc in beg sp and join to 3rd ch of 5


Rows 15-17: slst into ch 2sp ch 4 and work as established in white. Secure but DNBO white. Attach coral.


Row 18: work established shell pattern in coral. Break off coral.


Row 19: pick up white.... ch 4, 3 dc in same space, dc in space between shell, work [3dc, ch1, dc shell in shell... continue to work 3 dc shells in shells and the dc in the space bet shells.


Rows 20-21: work 3 dc shells in shells and work FPdc around the single dc . break off and tidy all ends.


Back and neck edge trim. Worked with white.






Attach white yarn at bottom left edge of back opening,,


Work sc along left edge


Neck edge: work a [ch 3, sc in every other stitch] along the edge. Sc in last st. ch 1 turn


Sc in 1st sc, and work [ ch 4, sc in sc along the previous row. sc in last sc Ch 1 ...


Sc in 1st sc, work [ch 5, sc in sc] along previous row with sc in last sc.


Now work sc along the right back edge to match the left edge, ch 1 turn if you want to use ch loops for buttons. If you will be using Velcro or something like that then skip this last row.


Working back along the previous... row work sc with ch 1 spaces for buttons as you see fit. I used 4 spaces but it will depend on your buttons and how you like it to look.







Attach white at sleeve edge. Work a row of [2sc in 1st, sc in 2] across edge.


Work ch3 mesh along row (ch3, sk 1 sc in next)

Work rows of ch4 and ch 5 as for neck edge. Break off and tidy all ends.



The Hat...




With white and 5mm hook... chain 3


Row 1: 11 dc in 3rd ch from hook and join. {join all rounds {12 dc)


Row 2: 2 dc in every dc (24 dc)


Row 3: [2 dc in first, dc in next ] to end. (36 dc)


Row 4: [dc in 3, 2 dc in next] (45 dc)


Row 5: dc in 2, [2dc in next, dc in 4]to end, dc in last 2. (54 dc)


Row 6-7: dc evenly around. (54 dc) secure white but DNBO.. attach coral


Row 8: work evenly in dc. Break off coral and tidy all ends. Pick up white


Row 9: hdc evenly around


Row 10: *2dc in 1rst, dc in next* to end.


Row 11: ch 5 and turn... 2 dc in same stitch, sk 2, shell [2dc, ch2, 2dc] in next to end, work one more dc in beginning st and join to 3rd chain of 5.




Work 2 more rows of shell in shell. Break off and tidy all ends. Use a pretty button or such to keep brim attached to hat crown.





Shoes ...

WW yarn in white/coral and 5.mm hook





Ch 7 with white...


Row 1: 2sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in 2, hdc in 2, 5 hdc in last ch, hdc in 2, sc in 2, 1 more sc in beg st, join. (join all rows )


Row 2: sc in sane st as joining, 2sc in next, sc in 5 , 2 sc in next 4, 2 sc in next2, 1 more sc in beg, join.


Row 3: sc in same st as joining, 2 sc in next, sc in 7, 2 sc in 7, sc in 7, 2sc in next, 1 more sc in beg.


Break off white and tidy all ends. Attach coral in the heel area. (where you finished off) Turn sole good side down.


Top row 1: Work FPsc in every stitch around and join. Ch1 and turn.


T row 2: hdc around... work one dec on each side in the heel area.

T row 3: hdc around.


T row 4: hdc around working 10 decreases around toe area. Break off and tidy all ends.






Copyright: Darlene Cutler - 2010


I do not have a problem with people/groups using my patterns to make a little extra money by physically making them and selling the items they make.


However, I do not permit the selling of my patterns for money. I have once given permission for a booklet to be made of them for a charitable sale and I may do so again *if I am asked* and if it is for a church, charity or school type group. But first you have to ask.


Furthermore, If you choose to use my patterns as a money maker, I do not permit my images to be used for any advertizing of your work. You must make your own item and photograph that. These images are as much a part of my Web image as a designer as the patterns are and I reserve that use to myself alone.


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Gorgeous! I've got to make this for my very old doll that desperately needs a new dress. This one is fabulous! Thank you for sharing your pattern, I love it! :cheer:cheer:cheer

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I just made the dress and hat, working on a purse and the shoes.


My daughter's friend has a birthday in 3 days and she requested this as the gift to give her.


No pressure mom..... AHHHHHHH


This works up fast! Thanks for creating it!


I'm looking now for a lacy nightgown, can't find a pattern on the net so I'll have to try and design one. Unless you have one?


Great AG stuff.. keep them coming!!



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:manyheartThis is beautiful i am going to try and make it using size 10 thread. :hookThanks for the pattern.

i will make this for my 4 yr old neice she will be 5 in sept. She wants me to make a bed doll for her but i am going to try this and will put a picture of it on here after i am done with it.

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I went to your blog and i think you do beautiful work and you also have fun on it. I couldn't stop reading i was going to comment but i dont want google. i am on facebook and i hope you don't mind i copied and pasted your love poem onto facebook.

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