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Santa Cruz County yarn update


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I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains above Felton, CA, in Santa Cruz County.


I've been going to San Jose more recently where there are both a JoAnns & a Michael's & several LYSs. What I would like to focus on is what is in my own county.


We have Beverly Fabric (which has lots of different types of Lion Brand, RH, including both their sock yarns. I found another shop I thought until recently had gotten rid of their yarn, Judy's Home Decor in Felton. They did get rid of their yarn yrs ago, but brought it back awhile back & I just found out. Yippee!!! They have mostly Patons Classic Wool & Decor, but at full price. What I really like is that they have a sweater workshop for $20, basic knitting classes for $10 & a knitter's/crocheter's get-together for $5 weekly. They also have patterns that I haven't had time to check out yet.


We also have 2 VERY expensive LYSs. I forget that I could go to a LYS & buy just 1 ball for a scarf or socks once in awhile. Reading that last part I have to laugh. Yeah, right! That's why I stopped going.


Oh, I just remembered, we just recently got "Chicks with Sticks" in Santa Cruz! There is just something cool about that store. They are still new here & don't have that much yarn yet, but what they do have to gorgeous & expensive. But they do plan to have sales. They also have both crochet patterns & classes which is rare & super cool for a LYS. I plan to take some knitting classes which reasonably priced. I especially would like a sock knitting class they have. BTW, the women who work in our store actually look like the women in the ads. They have their hair pulled back, the little glasses & they are all super friendly too.

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