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Pittsburgh Steeler Afghan

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Wow...lots of work!!

Oh, that is so neat! What a great job you did on it. Want to make me a NY Giants one?:lol:lol:lol


:lol My son has been bugging me for 2 years to make him one for the Giants...:eek

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Oh my goodness!!!!! You ROCK! This is so cool. I can't wait for my husband to come home! So I can show him your blanket. He's been a fan since the 80's. He is going to flip! You did a remarkable job, this is truely a work of art. Fantastic job! :woo

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Wow! That's really nice! Where'd you get the pattern??


A pattern link can only be shared if it's a pattern officially licensed with the NFL.


There are a number of unlicensed patterns that exist out there (for various teams, characters, etc.), but our guidelines do not allow discussion of them, links to them, or hints at how to find them via post, private message, or email to other members. This is to keep this site free from legal troubles related to contributory trademark/copyright infringement.

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