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Little knitting projects recently done

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I'm a very basic knitter, but thought I'd share the two little projects I recently have done that have entailed a little knitting. The first is a Coraline-like doll I designed in fabric but needed to dress her in her star sweater. I designed the simple sweater myself in the knit stitch for the doll and glued felted stars all over. This was a gift for my daughter for Christmas and she really loves it.


The next is a simple knitted mouse pattern that I really enjoyed working up from: http://blog.fuzzymitten.com/2009/11/holiday-mice.html

I love her pattern but added my own little fingers to my rendition as well as whiskers. I will admit the bobbles were a little tricky but I guess I figured them out okay.


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Thanks Alibra and Nadine! The bobbles on the mouse were tricky, but I guess I winged them okay. As for Coraline, the doll took months for me to design her in a way I was happy with. The sweater wasn't easy in that to shape the armholes I needed to add stitches and then decrease, not including binding off the neck. I figured it out as I worked it but the first try was absolutely awful.

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