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equivalent to old fashioned thread?

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I have been crocheting for the past 6 months and I'm loving it! I'm a stay at home mom with all the kids in school, so I've had lots of time to experiment and practice lately.

I dug out some doilies made by my grandmother and great-grandmother and I really want to work with the same type of thread they used...


Does anyone know what thread would be similar to the thread they used years and years ago? or if it would even be feasible for me to try it.

Seems as though all the thread I've bought to try is more like fishing line, and is hard to keep on my hook....the loops slip off very easily.


I'm positive the thread they used was probably some of the least expensive out there.


Also a suggestion of hooks would be nice. I have a Boye #5 steel hook....is that a nice size for a beginner?


Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to C'ville! :)


Vintage thread was not all one size. Size 10 is a good size for doilies. Size 3 is the thickest, and size 100 the thinnest, I've seen available the last few years.


Here is a nice write-up on threads, as the quality varies:



If you take the doilies to the store, you can find thread which matches the size which was used.


If the store where you buy crochet supplies, doesn't have what you'd like, here is a good place to get thread:




Here is a chart to help decide which hook to use with which size thread:




and a bit more info on that:




If you crochet tightly, you might want to use a larger size hook than is recommended.


Hope this helps you get started.


Many like DMC Cebelia for heirloom things. Many Hobby Lobby stores carry some of it, and some Michael stores, though the selection is limited.


Here is what Mary Maxim carries in Cebelia:




Jenny Gaskin carries Optima, and DMC Cebelia and Cordonnet:




DMC Baroque comes in skeins and is a tad heavier than a size 10, and easy to work with. It is a nicer quality thread than DMC Traditions.


Sometimes the crochet thread is not with the yarn, but with the embroidery or tatting supplies in stores here.


Getting new threads is so very nice. :c9 You'll enjoy them.

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I wouldn't use vintage thread. It's a wonderful sentiment but if you're going to put that much work into a project I'd much rather it lasted.


Size 10 bedspread thread is the most common. Some people really enjoy working with size 20 (I don't). You want 'mercerized' thread. It's much stronger and will last longer.


There are lots of different brands and it's a matter of finding what you like to use. Royal is a very good beginners thread. Cebelia is more expensive but wonderful to work with.


You should be using a size 7 boye hook or a size 5 bates hook with #10 thread. The hook being too big could be part of the problem that you're having.

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Use the size thread and the size hook the pattern calls for. Usually there is a gauge, so you will know how to adjust.

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Most vintage doily were done with finer threads. size 30, 40, and 50 where common sizes. The threads most used were quaility threads as the manufactures were hitting a bigger market then and catering to the need.

DMC, Anchor Thread, and Coats .and Clarks were common brands. I have several sample in my collection of vintage crochet items.


You can use the larger size thread 10, 5, and 3 but the look won't be quite the same, and the item will be larger. There are lots of patterns now written for these size threads since that is what the market caters to now.

Dmc is good thread. I avoid the cheap threads on the market now as the quaility just isn't there, and how it works up can be fustrating. If I am going to take the time to crochet something I want it in the best thread I can use. I don't like the feel of certain brands of thread and wont use them and they are all cheap ones that I don't care for.

Gran gave you some good links for information on hook sizes and such.

Best of luck to you and hope you find something that works well for you.

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Many thanks for the great places to get good threads. I like to crochet fine lace using size 80 and 100 tatting threads and a size 13/14 steel hook, both of which are very difficult to find locally. I've sent for a catalog to one of your listings and I'm really excited to find a source of thread in some great colors. Thanks again!

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