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Crinoline Lady Angel

diane gladys

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Here is a Christmas Angel for youpost-6684-135897480686_thumb.jpg








White & Gold Yarn Crinoline Lady Angel

An Original design by Diane Gladys

Worsted weight yarn & poly crystle thread doubled or # 10 crochet cotton doubled 4.00 mm hook

Height 18" top of wing to skirt bottom

width 17 1/2" widest part of skirt


Beginning cluster shell:(bg cl sh )- ch 2, dc.ch 2,work 2 dc tog,all in same ch2 sp

Cluster Shell: (cl sh) -2 dc worker tog,ch 2,2 dc worked tog, all in same ch 2 space.

Row 1: ch 6,join in ring,ch 3 ,8 dc in ring,turn

Row 2&3: ch 3, dc insame,* 1 dc,2 dc in nx* repeat across,turn

Row 4: bg cl,ch 2,2 dc in samesk 2,ch2,,cl sh,sk 2,ch 2,cl sh,sk 2 ch 2, cl sh,ch 2,sk1 , cl sh,sk 2,ch 2,cl sh, ch 2 ,sk2 ,cl sh,turn

Row 5 & 6: ch 1 ,sl st in shell,,bg cl,*ch2,cl sh in nx cl sh* repeat across ,turn

Row 7-10: ch 1,sl st in shell,bg sh,*ch 3 cl sh in ch 2 sp of cl sh* repeat across,turn

Row 11: ch 1,sl in sh,,be sh,*ch 4 ,cl sh* repeat across,turn

Row 12&13: ch 1,sl st in shell,bg cl,* ch4,cl sh*repeat across.turn

Row 14: ch 1 sl st in shell,bg sh ,* ch 7,cl sh* repeat across,turn

Row15: ch 1 sl st in shell,bg cl,ch *4 sc incentre ch of ch 7 ch 4,cl sh* repeat across,fasten off

Row16: join 2 srands of gold poly crystle or #10 crochet cotton ,ch 4 in 1st st*10 tr in clsh space,sc in nx sp,10 tr in sc,sc in sp*repeat across,10 tr in last cl sh,ch 4 sl st in last st,fasten off


Rnd 1: ch 4, 17 dc , in 4th ch from hook,join

Rnd 2: ch 3,dc in same,2 dc in dc around,join

Row 3: ch 1, 3 sc , place body facing right side to right side of shirt an sc ea of the 4 sc in the skirt lp,fasten off


Rnd 1: ch 4, 4 dc,3hdc,5 dc,3hdc in 4th ch from hook,join ,ch1, 2 sc-place right side of head facing right side of body sc inBLO of body

Rnd 2: sl st to centre dc,ch1,2sc,place head right side facing right side of bodice sc in BLO of body tog,fasten off

Hair: join hair colour in FLO,1st st past neck sl st,sc ,ch 1 in ea st around to 1st st before neck fasten off

Crown Halo:

join with 2 strands of gold in BL with 8 st centre top ch starting at the 1st st of the 8 st,*ch4 sl st in 4th ch from ,sl st in same lp,sc in nx lp*repeat for nx 6 lps fasten off (7 picots)

Sleeves: make 2

Row 1: ch 4 ,10 dc in 4th ch from hk,join fasten off.

Row 2: join 2 strands of gold ,ch 3, 3 dc in same ,4 dc in nx ,fasten off

Arms make 2

ch 15,sc in 2nd ch ,3 sc ,3 sc in nx st,sc to end fasten off, fasten short end of arm to sleeve and bring long end up to front and ocer lap as in praying fasten of

Neck Frill:

Row 1: join 2 strands of gold of in 1st st of centre 7 top st at neck FL,ch3,2 dc in same ,3 dc in ea of nx 6 lps,turn

Row 2:*ch 3 ,sc in nx st*repeat across ,fasten off

work all tails in or hide be hind lady where possible


Row 1: in white ch 5,sc in2nd ch from hk and across(4) turn

Row 2-4: ch 1,sc across,turn

Row 5: ch 1 ,2 sc in 1st st,sc across to last st 2 sc ,turn(6)

Row 6: ch 1,sc across,tirn

Row 7: ch 1 ,2c in 1st st,sc across 2 sc in last st,turn

Row 8: ch 1 sc across,turn

Row 9: *ch 3 sc* repeat in ea st across,turn

Row 10-12:*ch 4 ,sc in lp* repeat across,turn

Row 13-14: *ch 5 ,sc in lp * repeat across,turn

Row 15: *h 6 ,sc in lp* repeat across,fasten off

Wing Trim:

Join double strand of gold (*sc ,ch 2,* 6 times in 1st lp *sc ,ch 2 in sc*) repeat across,fasten off

repeat wing on other side of beginning ch


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These are beautiful! What do you use them for? I'd like to make one, but I don't know what I would do with them. :-)


I,m going to put one on a cushion top, and them and some others I'm going to make a bedspread top. You could also make them smaller using thread and the appropiate hook to put on pillow cases or a table cloth.I'm Making a large table cloth ,one big enough for my table with all the leaves in for Christmas I'm going to use the regular large size but making the smaller ones will work also

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What happened to row 8 of the wings?


thanks for pointing it out for me :blush,I fixed it ,if any of you find any more errors or questions :think don't hesitate to ask or let me know :yes

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Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for the pattern! My best friend collects angels, and I was wondering what else to give her for Christmas this year because I always crochet her something, and this year I bought her gift instead. She said just the other day that she couldn't wait to see what I had made her this year, and I felt bad that I bought the gift instead, so now I can make her one of these and she will just LOVE it! :c9

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