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Gracie's Hooded Scarf: Dot Matthews (bythehook)

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Gracie's Hooded Scarf

© 11/28/05 Dorothy “Dot” Matthews. All rights reserved.

Originally published at http://patbythehook.blogdrive.com




This pattern is intended for personal use only. You may do what you want with the items you make, as long as you give Dot credit as the designer, with the following restrictions: you may not sell your items online and you may not sell to retail or wholesale stores or businesses. You are welcome to direct people to this pattern by posting a link to it. This pattern may not be posted on any other site or distributed in any other manner.





SIZE: will fit most adults


SKILL: intermediate


YOU WILL NEED: Hook size: K/10 1/2–6.50MM

Approx. 10oz/556yds Red Heart Super Saver Yarn (worsted/medium/4)

this project made with Red Heart Super Saver Multicolor in 0317 Reef Stripe



single crochet (sc); double crochet (dc); chain (ch); foundation single crochet (foundation sc); loop stitch. Instructions for doing the foundation sc and the loop stitch are at the end of the pattern.



each (ea); skip (sk); yarn over (yo); stitch (st)


GAUGE: 3 patterns (sc, dc, sk 1) = 2", 5 rows = 2"




185 foundation sc, ch 1, turn.

Note: you can substitute ch 186, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch to end, ch 1, turn, for the foundations sc's.


ROW 1: (sc, dc) in first st,

*sk next st,

(sc, dc) in next st. Repeat from * to last 2 sts,

sk next st, sc in last st. ch 1, turn. (185 sts)


ROWS 2 thru 17: Repeat row 1 – you will be skipping the dc's and placing stitches in the sc's.


At end of row 17, count 74 stitches from one end of scarf, place a marker in the 74th stitch. Do the same on the other end. The marked stitches and the stitches in between is where the looped stitches will go.


ROW 18: Repeat row 1 to the first marker.

insert hook in next st (with the marker),

with index finger of hand holding yarn, pull up a long loop about 1".

Keep your finger in the loop and place the hook behind the yarn and grab both strands of loop and pull thru st (you will have 3 loops on hook and your finger stuck in the loop), now slip your finger out of the loop and hold it (the loop, not your finger) down out of your way, yo pull yarn thru the 3 loops on hook. (loop st made) – move marker up to the loop st. Make a loop stitch in each stitch from marker to marker. move marker up to the last loop st made.


*sk next dc, (sc dc) in next st. Repeat from * to last 2 sts, sk next st, sc in last st.


ROW 19: Repeat row 2 to first marker

sc in st with marker – move marker up, sc in ea st to next marker, sc in st with marker – move marker up,

*sk next dc, (sc dc) in next st. Repeat from * to last 2 sts, sk next st, sc in last st.


ROW 20: Repeat row 18 (loop st row)


ROW 21: Repeat row 19


ROW 22: Repeat row 18


ROW 23: Repeat row 19


ROW 24: Repeat row 18


ROW 25: Repeat row 19


Fasten off and weave in ends.


Fold scarf in half with narrow ends together and right sides facing (loops are the right side of scarf). Starting at the fold, whip stitch a seam on the back of the scarf (side opposite of loops) about 10" or whatever is comfortable for you.



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This scoodie is so attractive, I decided to make one for myself. I am using Lion Brand Homespun - mostly because that is what I have at the moment! lol Just wanted to check... I am gathering that the final dimensions are approximately 60"x10"? Since the yarn I am using is heavier, I will be doing fewer rows so the approximate measurement will really help. Also, I saw the post about the foundation chain and was able to complete that (I really don't recommend that technique with Homespun yarn) but how do you do the loops?


The project is very easy and is working up quickly. I will really enjoy the finished project. Thank you SO much for your pattern. (Oh, I love the yarn you used.)

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Love this pattern! I made one as a gift for a co-worker's daughter, and one of her friends now wants one.......they are crazy over the loop stitch detail on the front of the hood! :)

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Thanks for sharing this pattern. It will be a good one to make up for our

woman's shelter. Looks nice and warm for our cold weather. :)

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