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Crochet Today Gingerbread House

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If you haven't already corrected the caving in part of the front of the little house, how about putting a floor in it?

would that work...maybe plastic canvas and that might straighten out the front.

Or a tissue box like someone else suggested.

never the less....you did a great job. It is so cute.

I actually bought that magazine thinking I would make the house someday....but haven't yet.

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Congratulations on getting your house done! It's adorable! I hope to get mine finished up before Christmas. I'm down to the twisty candies and the bajillion gumdrops =)


I used cardboard for the frame and it's holding up very well. My husband had some really sturdy boxes he brought home from work which are giving it plenty of support. I also intend on setting it on another piece of cardboard that I would like to cover in white contact paper and then put some "snow" in the form of cotton balls.


The pattern is actually really easy to do. I agree with you that the icicles were the most challenging. I had to frog it once and redo it to get it right. I got everything I've completed so far done in about 4 days, so I could see it finished up in a week easily if one were to focus on it and not get distracted =)

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I loved that pattern the first time I saw it and you really did it justice. It will look great in your home this Christmas. BTW, why not just stuff some paper under the house to bulk it out a little? You might have a problem finding a box that's just the right size. :yes

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Hi, your gingerbread house is adorable. Do you have a pattern for this or did you just do it yourself?


No, this is all from a pattern found in the Christmas issue of Crochet Today. I wish I could take the credit!


Thank you everyone for your compliments! :manyheart

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There are lots of Christmas issues of Crochet Today mags. Whats on the front cover so I don't get the wrong one?


A lady in a green and white dress, kneeling by a white Christmas tree with a rippled red, green and white tree skirt.

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