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Basketweave Baby Blanket: Dot Matthews (Bythehook)


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Basketweave Baby Blanket

© 12/16/05 Dorothy “Dot” Matthews. All rights reserved.

Originally published at http://patbythehook.blogdrive.com



This pattern is intended for personal use only. You may do what you want with the items you make, as long as you give Dot credit as the designer, with the following restrictions: you may not sell your items online and you may not sell to retail or wholesale stores or businesses. You are welcome to direct people to this pattern by posting a link to it. This pattern may not be posted on any other site or distributed in any other manner.




SIZE: approximately 45" x 45" – don't stress over the size it's a square baby blanket. I could have stretched it to about 60" or scooched it up to 35". Just make it the size you like it.


SKILL: intermediate – because of the front post and back post double crochets


HOOK SIZE: L-11/8mm (M optional for foundation chain)


YARN: 2 skeins Caron One Pound Sky Blue – 28 oz/1428 yds. 100% Acrylic worsted weight, 4 ply


GAUGE: 5 dc and 3 rows = 2"


STITCHES USED: chain (ch); single crochet (sc); double crochet (dc); front post double crochet (fpdc); back post double crochet (bpdc); reverse half double crochet (reverse hdc)


ABBREVIATIONS: st = stitch; ea = each


Here's a link to the front post and back post stitches


Pattern stitch is a multiple of 8 + 4




Foundation row: ch 116, (switch to L hook if you used the optional M hook for the chain) Work in the "hump" on the back of the chains

sk 3 ch, (counts as 1 dc) dc in next ch and ea ch across to end. Turn


ROW 1: ch 2 (counds as 1 dc), sk first st,

*fpdc around posts of next 4 sts,

bpdc around posts of next 4 sts. Repeat from * across, end with 1 dc in top of turning ch. Turn.


ROWS 2 thru 4: Repeat row 1.


ROW 5: ch 2, (counts as 1 dc), sk first st.

*bpdc around post of next 4 sts,

fpdc around post of next 4 sts. Repeat from * across, end with 1 dc in top of turning ch. Turn.


ROWS 6 thru 8: Repeat row 5.


ROWS 9 thru 68: repeat rows 1 thru 8.



ch 1, working in ends of rows and ea stitch, sc evenly around. Place 3 sc in the corners. Join in first sc.


ch 2, reverse hdc in ea single crochet around. Join in first st.


Fasten off and weave in ends.


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Beautiful afghan - one of my favorite stitches to do when I knit. Never tried it in crochet - always thought it was too hard for me to do. I will be trying this as my personal 2010 new stitch pattern challenge. Thanks for sharing.

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Are you the "Dot Matthews" that everyone has been asking after? If so welcome back. I have used alot of your patterns from your site "By the Hook" and just love them. I will give this blanket a try as I love the basketweave look.:)

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I just completed this blanket for my sister's baby that will be born in June. I chose a pretty ecru color. I can't wait until she sees it, it's beautiful. I have a very tight stitch so it actually was smaller than I expected, I just added more rows. Thank you for this pattern, my 5 year old girl loved it too, she wants one of her own. I couldn't believe that such a nice looking blanket could be so easy! I haven't picked up my crochet needle for 12 years until now.

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Like the pattern, but would not use this type of yarn for an infant, baby, child, teen, adult, nor the elderly. Just too rough. This is okay for a 'baby-doll'. You may want to rethink this part. Thank you for reading. Peace.

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