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Dot Matthews Is Alive and Well!

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wow just found this thread, and sooooo happy to hear news about Dot I had all but given up hope to hear any news of this precious and gracious dear one and wishing her all the best in New Year.


my dot patterns went with my blown external hard drive :( but I do have one of her slouchy tams I managed to keep one for myself if u need a picture , although I have just about worn it out such a comfortable useful item and I get the "can you make me one" just about everytime I wear it..from males and females lol


This is such great news and thanks for hosting..

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Wow!!! This is the BEST NEWS I've heard in ages!!!:cheer:cheer:cheer

Dot did so much for the crochet community it's no wonder she at least wanted to take a break.


I had an old friend who virtually disappeared from town a few years ago. There were rumors about her death too. She showed up at a club where many of us went just to prove she was still alive & well. :eek She said it was one of the weirdest things she'd ever gone thru. I can only imagine.


I'm so glad to hear that you're well Dot!!!:manyheart

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I began to crochet early 1993, Dot Mattews patters are in my favorite list specially her "Light& Lacy" hat pattern which I plan to make for this coming winter. My best wishes to Ms Mattews in her endeavors.

crochetismy hobby

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