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2009 Holiday RAOK's - signups open

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:wreathI am so excited to participate! I've been needing some fun mail and want to send fun mail, too!


Here is my Wish List:


  1. Dishcloth, handcrafted
  2. Bookmark, handcrafted or store-bought - received a metal bookmark with charm
  3. Anything "Sheep" themed :1sheep
  4. Amigurami anything
  5. Stickers - received stickers
  6. Journal - received a journal
  7. Notecards or stationery - received a notepad
  8. Sharpie writing pen (love these and can't have enough! They make them in colors, too! Oh, and these aren't the "markers".) - received a pack of 2 pens, a pack of multi-colored markers, and a pkg. of mini-markers!
  9. Snowflakes :flake (crocheted, store-bought, or snowflake themed anything)
  10. Snail mail from you in the form of a handwritten letter or postcard

Thank you for reading and thinking of me!


Karla C. in Georgia


Thank you to my 2 elves for the treats they sent to me! :), 12/19/09

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Oh I love this time of year. How fun!


:stocking any crochet gourmet holiday patterns. I love their patterns

:candycane subscription to Crochet Today

:rud bath soaps or bubble baths

:gift cable knitting needles

:santaknitting row counters

:grinch crochet calendar

:ctree a book that you've enjoyed I love trying new authors

:2snowman anything German shepherd related (we have a 7.5 months old pup)

:stocking any sort of surprise

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Okay here goes:


1) Cinnamon tea. Not apple & cinnamon. Just plain cinnamon. I had some years ago and can't find it anymore. :(


2) Any baby or toy patterns. I enjoy making these for all the little ones in my family. :hook


3) Christmas cards from you! My dd loves hanging them up on our wall. :yay


4) 18" doll patterns. :manyheart


5) Peace on Earth. Just take a minute to remember our men and women out there fighting for our freedom as well as that of others. :hug

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Hi everyone this is my very first time with this sort of thing so apologies if I get anything wrong, I am 45 mother of 4 grown children and 2 grandchildren, I work full time and am the only wage earner at home as my husband is ill (so money is a bit tight to say the least), I also care for my mother.

So here is my: WISH LIST

1. Cards with samples of popular and frequently referred to American yarns. (I am envisioning an index card with maybe a yarn label pasted to it, or the yarn information written on it with a small sample of the yarn wound round it. Mostly so I can get a feel for the look/feel/weight/etc of the yarn for substitution ideas here in the UK.) Various makers such as Carons, Red Heart, TLC, Lion or popular store brands such as JoAnns...

2. Any thread size 10, 5 or 3

3. Tape measure

4. Doily charts as I’ve only ever used written instructions

5. Crochet magazines – they just aren’t available here in the UK

6. A surprise would be nice

7. Any Susan Bates or wooden/bamboo hook

8. Ornaments for tree or window

9. Anything made by you

10. Anything to do with Winnie the Pooh

Thanks everyone :c9

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Yay!!! I'm so glad it's time for this again. I missed out on the holiday gift exchange to be able to participate. I've already been browsing and have some ideas of things I plan on gifting. As for myself...


This lighthouse pattern http://www.craftdesigns4you.com/crocapehatteraslthouseafghan.htm


Clover soft touch hooks. I have been dying to try them


Yarn of course. Would love some ILTY and ILTC.


Fabric, I am finally learning to sew.


Jewelry making tools to make stitch markers with.


I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!

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This sounds like fun. I missed out on it last year so here goes -

I'll be 51 on Christmas Eve. I've been married for 26 years & we have 2 grown children, no grandchildren, unless you count furry, four legged ones.


:hbulb Crochet something for charity - your choice


:hbulb Stitch markers, handmade would be nice but not necessary


:hbulb I love Raggedy Ann


:hbulb Moda Dea Sassy Stripes yarn (discontinued) any colors


:hbulb Knit scarf -I don't knit but I love lace type knits. Partial to blues/greens


:hbulb Hooked for Life book


:hbulb 1,2,3 Crochet book


:hbulb Donate to your local food pantry


:hbulb Donate to a toy drive


:hbulb Irish Santa ornaments


Happy Holidays everyone!

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This time of the year is so special, so I hope everybody finds something that makes them happy...

If you ever think of someone in far, far away country, over the ocean, here are the things that would make my days!


... and used books or magazines are OK for me!

:rudAny crochet hooks size 5, 6, 7 or 8 (US) - the best for me as I usually work with thread - Received 3 hooks, thank you my elf from NJ!

:rudBooks on crochet Christmas or doilies patterns

:rudBooks on cross-stitch small (quickies) patterns - like "999 Fabulous Cross Stitch Patterns" by Donna Kooler, or "501 Cross Stitch Designs" by Sam Howkins, or "250 Christmas quickies" - or any other

:rudCrochet Pattern-a-Day Calendar (any year)

:rudCross-Stitch Pattern-a-Day Calendar (any year)

:rudThread - for doilies, snowflakes, etc - any colour - Received from the elf in NJ

:rudDouble Ended Crochet Hook (size from 4 to 8)

:rudAnything made by YOU or something you would like to share with me, whatever comes to your mind :)Received a card from the elf in NJ


Have a wonderful Holiday!

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Yay! I have seen so many things I can already gift and am making a list of the names so I can get info to send them. This is so fun and such a great idea! I am a 32 yr old stay at home wife and mom. Hubby Chris is 36 and our son is 2 years and his name is Blaze.


:ctreeMake something for a charity or donate your time or money to help someone in need this year.

:ctreeA wooden hook size I. I had one I received in a swap and I loved it but the head broke off and I can't get another...:cry

:ctreeA ball winder

:ctreeedgerydoo or the rotary thing to make holes in fleece so I can make baby blankets to donate( OH MY GOSH! I WAS FOR REAL GRANTED THIS WISH!!! I AM SO EXCITED I COULD SQUEAL. THANKS SO MUCH TO A VERY SPECIAL ELF IN ONTARIO, CANADA)

:ctreefat quarters or materials as I am learning to sew by hand and want to make a quilt

:ctreeanything horse, cowboy or western for my hubby

:ctreeanything for my son who loves cars, dinos, coloring, fruit snacks and megablocks and the movie Cars stuff

:ctreeILTY, Caron Shadows in muted tones or any pinks just no wool as I am highly allergic

:ctreeSnail mail, I love getting mail!!

:ctreeAnything handmade by YOU!!

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I wish everyone an amazing holiday season!!!! Heres my wishlist


:yarn I Love This Yarn - I would love to see what everyone is talking about. We can't get it here.


Notions - Anything, I love notions, from buttons to brads to ribbons, ANYTHING!


:ctreeChristmas cards or postcards for my boys. They recently got some from my awesome swap partner and they loved them! Quenton - 12, Liam & Aidan - 5, Ethan - 3 Aidan and Ethan each got special gifts from Santas elf


ANYTHING handmade, doesn't have to be crocheted


A ball winder


:crochetingSomething knitted - I can't knit for the life of me, but I love the look of it!


:mugFlavoured hot chocolate - any flavour Mmmmmm....got 4 packets of different flavoured hot chocolates! yummy!!!


This pattern - Asian Dragons


Leisure Arts - Must Have Handbags booklet by Drew Emborsky


SURPRISES!!! I love surpirses!!!!


Thanks for looking, I'm gonna go see what I can grant!

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I have never done this before so I would love to give it a try. I'm going to challenge my self and see how many Wishes I can Grant each week now until this closes.

Here is a list of my wishes.

!. Prayer Shawl Ministry pattern book.

2. The pattern for Amigami Nativity Gourmet Crochet.

3.. Any beddoll /or Santa patterns

4. A pattern for a Chef Hat for my 17 year old son as he will be going to school to become a chef in Sept. 2010.

5. Crocheted dishclothes.

6. Would love to have and pieces of fleece any kind and sizes(from scrap size to 3 yards) to make blankets with.

7. Chocolate...of course or Jelly Bellys.

8. Any thing Eeyore

9. Surpizes are always good.

10, I would love to attend Crochetville Retreat in Huntsville Al, on June 17-20. I have never went on vacation before. And now that my youngest child will be graduting and moving on to college in Sept. i will be starting a new chapter in my life.so any suggests help or ideas from anyone to make this wish come true would be greatly appreiated. Because my love for crocheting grows stronger everyday.

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:hiThis is the first time I have participated in the RAOK, so I'm pretty excited. :yay I love to visit crochetville. I admit, I do lurk :lurk a lot, and if I posted alway got a responses or help from other members of crochetville. I am a 41 year old mom of two teenagers :eek a 16 year old daughter and 14 soon to be 15 year old son. I have been happily married to my high school sweetheart for the last 19 and a half years. He is the best husband anyone could ask for. I work a part time job with full time hours and I wish I had more time to crochet. So here goes with my list.


:hbulb Christmas Cards


:rud Scrap yarn patterns (I'm a scrap yarn addict and forever buying it at the thrift stores)


:candycane Christmas pins to wear on my apron at work


:stocking Anything Pirates of the Caribbean related (movie or ride)


:gift ITunes gift card


:rud Christmas tree ornament


:hbulb Scrap yarn to finished my project and start other scrap projects.


:candycane If possible a crochet scarf any style any color.


Thank you for taking the time to read my wish list! I hope everyone has a safe happy holiday season!



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This is always an exciting time! I love gift giving!

I teach in an inner-city school and am starting a Crochet Club in December. Would appreciate some things for the students...rec'd from a MA elf


:gift Various size hooks (H and I preferably, but some girls have experience, so could work with other sizes)


:gift Skeins of worsted yarn (light colors are easier to teach with, but will need others as they gain experience)rec'd 1 from a MA elf


:gift Being in an inner city school, many of our kids are poor, would love some hats, scarves, gloves/mittens to pass out. Some of our kids go through the winter without these.


:gift Easy patterns for the students to follow (remember copyrights)


:gift Pencils and fun stuff to add to my prize box (third grade) rec'd from a MA elf


:gift If after the holidays, you would like to send me the fronts of your Christmas cards, we use them in a project.


My last one for school is 12 inch squares in blue or green or 8 inch squares in pinks or purples. I started comfort ghans for 2 former students. Their older sister was diagnosed with cancer. I made her a ghan, but did not get enough squares to finish making for the sister and brother. I especially need 8 inch ones. Thank you so much!

Thank you to my MA elf - especially love the pens!

Now for me.....:D


:santa I collect Santa, especially "Old World" types, but love them all dearly. Would love a Santa from another country...


:santa Love Lindt chocolate


:santa Treats for my birds, a Pionus Parrot named Baloo and a Rosella named Beeper.


:santa DH likes hot sauces, chips, etc...


Thank you to anyone who reads my lists and decides to gift. It will be appreciated....



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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has a blessed holiday season & has their wishes granted!


:grinch Please make a donation to the United States Marine Corps Reserve "Toys for Tots" program.


:grinch Please make a donation or donate you time to the USO.


:grinch A ball of J&P Coats "Royale" Fashion Crochet Thread Size 3 in White. (I'm planning a tablecloth :hook )


:grinch A Starbucks gift card.

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Happy Holidays Everyone! Wishing you all a very peaceful, happy and safe holiday season! Thank you for considering my wishes......


:wreathDonate a scarf to my charity for survivors of abuse, link is in my sig

:ctree Soft yarn for making scarves for survivors (no wool please)rec'd a sk,ty!

:wreath Size US #5 knitting needles rec'd, ty!

:ctree Donate to one of the wonderful charities here on the 'ville!

:wreath Christmas cards

:ctree A surprise by you!

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I love the holidays, and I love sending out secret santa RAOKs! :O) This will be fun!!!


Here's my list!


:wreathKitchen cotton (any color -- I love to crochet and knit dishcloths!)

:sheepxmasBates aluminum crochet hook with the Bamboo handle (any size -- I just LOVE them but the HL here doesn't carry them anymore! Keeps my arthritis at bay while I crochet -- hey that rhymes!)


:2snowman Cat Toys or anything kitten related -- my son found 3 kittens that someone abandoned outside to die. They are happy and healthy now and very very energetic! Or make a donation to your local humane society in their honor! Or if you live in Western North Carolina, or nearby in SC --- think about adopting one of them!!! Photos available upon request!!!!


:wreath Any thinner weight yarn (lace, fingering, sport) or unusual non-furry novelty yarn. (please no fun fur, boa, or other fur yarns.....I have so much of it in my stash already that I can't seem to use up)


:sheepxmasAunt Lydia's Bamboo crochet thread (any color) or any crochet thread (any weight/color is fine!) Vintage thread, or partial balls, are also just peachy keen.


:2snowman Any sort of crochet thread patterns, vintage or non-vintage. Love, love, love threadwork!!! :)


:wreath Any sort of kid's card games -- Old Maid, Go Fish, etc.


:sheepxmasA good used book -- my favorite genres are ghost stories, thrillers, non-gory horror, cozy mysteries, historical fiction, sci-fi, low fat cooking, bread baking, or exercise/health related. But I'll read anything! :)


:2snowman Flavored coffee of any sort!


:wreath Thread hooks -- any size. :)


Now to go read lists and see what I can send out!! :o)

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I've been so sick with the flu I haven't been here at all really in the last week, and after all my wondering if we were doing holiday RAOKs this year, I almost missed it! I've seen several wishes that I can grant as soon as I'm up and around again! I love it when things just jump out at me! :clap


My list for this year is below. Recycled, regifted, repurposed, etc. is just PERFECT!



:wreath Any yarn you no longer want or need to be turned into

lapghans for the nursing home and kitty snuggles for the



:wreath Any soft yarn or chenille to use for the shawls (it takes about

1000 yards to make a shawl)


:wreath The Monkey Wears Prada pattern - GRANTED!! DH fell in love with this pattern and bought it for me!

The Monkey Wears Prada Amigurumi Pattern by DeliciousCrochet


:wreath Coquena, the Llama pattern - GRANTED!! - Thank you, NY Elf!

Coquena The Llama Amigurumi Pattern by DeliciousCrochet on Etsy


:wreath Lupita, the Chihuahua pattern - GRANTED!! - Thank you, NY Elf!

Lupita Chihuahua Amigurumi Pattern by DeliciousCrochet on Etsy


:wreath Jinxy Cat pattern - GRANTED!! - Thank you, NY Elf!

Jinxy Kat Amigurumi Pattern by DeliciousCrochet on Etsy


:wreath Asian Dragon Amigurumi pattern

=tags&includes[]=title"]Asian Dragon amigurumi pattern by skyfirearts by skyfirearts


:wreath Pink Flamingos Amigurumi pattern - GRANTED!! - Thank you, NY Elf!

=tags&includes[]=title"]Crochet Village Pink Flamingos New Pattern FREE by CrochetVillage


:wreath Hello Kitty patterns - GRANTED!! - Thank you, NY Elf!

=tags&includes[]=title"]Sanrio Amigurumi CROCHET PATTERN Collection by crochetpattern

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happy holidays everyone!


my list is very simple:


:flake 6 or 8 inch squares so i can make myself a "friends from c'ville" afghan.



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:sheepxmasHello and a very Happy Holiday to you all. Here's my wish list.


We just moved a few weeks ago , so this will be our first Christmas in our new house I'd love a christmas card to help us decorate the room.:flake


A Tree decoration, bought or hand made :santa


Snowman anything !! I love the little fellas :2snowman


A Crocheted Santa or Snowman doll :wreath


I've always wanted a bed doll :rud


A wrapped gift that I can put under the tree and open on Chrismas morning. Doesn't have to be big or expensive, small would be just fine. I love surprises and nobody ever thinks to get me something crochet related, that would be very special :gift


Gingerbread ornament :shop


Something made by you That I can use in our living room, the colour scheme is beige / light brown and medium green.:stocking


A Surpise !! :ctree


Last wish.... That you all have a peaceful, safe and happy holiday:sheepxmas

Thanks for reading my list


Linda :hug

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Wishing Happy Holidays to All!!


1. Soundtrack for A Fish Tale---my 2 kids and I love this movie but can't get the soundtrack to it.


2. sock yarn


3. acrylic yarn for my charity projects--baby yarn, ww, anything, even scraps, love variegateds


4. a sewn project tote bag in shades of purples, blues, and/or pinks


5. glass beads, crystals, or SS findings for my jewelry making


6. Tunisian stitch book


7. patterns (knit or crochet) for baby blankets, kid clothes, scarves, shawls


8. wool yarn for felting


9. ILTY or ILTC (no HL anywhere near me)


10. handpainted lace or fingering weight yarn in shades or pink, purple, or blue

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im going to try this since i got my pc fixed. i already have some people to send to. this will be fun.

:2snowman1) a yarn ball winder


:sheepxmas2) connect the dot books


:gift3) i love this yarn yarn


:rud4) a size 4xl winter coat for my dh ( not to thick his ms acts up if he gets to hot )


:candycane5) ergonomic crochet hook set


:stocking6) a christmas card from you


:santa7) anything hand made by you


:ctree8) snap together car model for dh


:wreath9) and happy holidays and good wishes toward everyone on crochetville.

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Ok, This is my first time posting a wish list here.


My Wishes Are:


:yarn Donate to a charity here on the 'ville or local to you.


:yarn Ami food (I just get a kick out of it!)


:yarn Pairs of Shank Style buttons, Big ones, I use them to make Walker Bags


:yarn Angel, butterfly or Cross charms I can use on Prayer Shawls


:yarn Hook Case made from any scrap yarn you need to use up!


:yarn 18 in doll. My neice got one for her B-day and I'd like to make clothes


:yarn If you see a dear man wearing a baseball cap stating that he is a veteran, Say Thanks and shake his hand!

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1. #10 Thread - Varigated - I love how these work up into bookmarks and doilies


2. Starbucks Breakfast Blend Coffee


3. Rose's Lime Marmalade - I can only get Key Lime in the US and it is just NOT the same!


4. Hobby Lobby Gift Card


5. Snowflakes made by you!


6. Surprises


7. Stitch markers


Thank you elves

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Ornaments for my tree


Holiday potholder






This pattern http://crochetvillage.com/thetwobears.htm

I would love to make these bears


Gift Card to Wal-mart


hand Lotion `


Any thing made by you


Christmas card from you


Surprise me



Thank you for looking

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My favorite time of year! I always look forward to not only the surprises that await me in my mailbox, but being able to make someone else's wishes come true as well!


1.) Carrie Underwood's new CD - Play On (I don't mind if it's used so long as it plays!)


2.) Playing Cards (My DH and I collect them and love them all! Funny and unusual ones, City, State, Amusement Park, even naughty ones, and we USE them all! Last year someone sent me some that were given out at a trade show and they were the coolest ones we ever saw. So you may think they are throw away but we'll cherish 'em!)


3.) Something addressed to my hubby! He always gets jealous when I get packages and there isn't anything but bills for him so what a nice surprise to get something nice for him! He got a Play Station 3 this year and loves to play it. If you find a game cheap enough (used) that would be a nice little gift to send or also maybe some stress balls (I have been wanting to find some of those for him) He's a Florida Gator fan is all else fails!


4.) Stitch markers! I never seem to have enough and can definately use them!


5.) I know this is a long shot but we would love a Play Station 2. Why you ask? Well, the PS3 we have does NOT play PS2 games and there are a ton of PS2 games that aren't available for PS3 so we would love to get PS2 so that we can play those games as well. Long story short, I would never ask for anyone to buy one but if perhaps you happen to have one you don't use anymore or something, we would love to have it! We don't even mind if there aren't any controllers as those are easily purchased seperately. Oh, and IF you happen to send this, PLEASE address this to my hubby! He is the one who really wants it (I'd play it too but it's more for him) and it would really be a big surprise!


6.) As many of you know I am a medical foster parent and collect donations of squares and blankets for CMS (Children's Medical Services) here in Florida. My goal is to make sure that every child in the program leaves with a blanket of their very own. Most of them come with nothing. When we got our little girl from the hospital she didn't have clothes or anything even though she wasn't a newborn. The older children's eyes just light up when you give them a blanket. They cannot believe it's theirs to keep forever and that they don't have to give it back. Children range in age from preemies to teens to all sizes are needed. At the moment I am in need of 12 inch squares for teen blankets and completed blankets. Having a medical foster child takes up so much time that I don't have nearly as much time to crochet as I used to.


7.) Flash Cards or Books that are heavy duty (cardboard backed for an 11 month old) I have seen these on line but cannot find them locally. We want to start teaching our 11 month old her alphabet and such and also she loves being read to. I have only 4 small books that have that sturdy cardboard backing that won't tear if a baby grabs it. (I hope I'm explaining this right)


8.) Sock Yarn (Esp the stretchy kind)


9.) Scrapbooking supplies for a baby girl.


10.) Anything homeade by you! Gifts made from the heart are the best!!!!!

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Susan Bates aluminum hooks in size O, P or Q.


Any soft baby yarn - for preemie and newborn baby hats for charities


Any soft yarn - for chemo hats for charities


Any ww yarn (even partial skeins) - cat/dog blankets for charities


Hardcover hook case


Gift card to Subway. (My daughter and I like their veggie delite subs)


Any flavored cappuccino packets.


Adam Lambert CD.


Gift card to Hobby Lobby.


Any size circular knitting needles (can be used ones)

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