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2009 Holiday RAOK's - signups open

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:sheepxmas tis the season!!


-looking for new Christmas candy ideas--got pm'd an entire slug of sites, received a recipe for potato candy lol!


-Caron pounder for nursing home squares


-Caron SS for baby hats


-small pom-pom maker, because I seriously can't make one and I really like the way they look on those cute little baby hats


-sleepy-time/relaxation tea for nice evening treat---yummy lemon tea


-8 inch squares for nice afghan for me, no special design or color---3 :) purple square, violet square, blue/white square


-stretch bracelets (and/or tutorial on how to make one)---an actual video on how to make them! YIPPEE!


-picture postcards!


-tote bags, it seems like I always have need for one

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I am a stay at home mom to a wonderful almost 4yr old boy.


1. Anything for my son. He is your typical little boy and loves dinosaurs, cars, trains, and trucks. He is appreciates everything given to him I love seeing his little face light up when something arrives for him.

2. Player piano rolls. I have a player piano and very few songs for it. If you see some at a garage sale please send them my way.

3. I love Jimbo hooks. I know, who doesn't. A girl can dream, right?

4.A crochet purse. These are so much fun to carry around.

5. Would love a felted purse. I would love either one made by you or your favorite pattern for one. If you send a pattern please include sone tips and tricks since I have never done felting before.

6.My little boy started Catholic preschool this year. If you have any old children's religious material you are not using it would be very helpful.

7. Any crochet patterns for a 4 yr old boy, there are so few out there.

8. Interweave crochet magazine winter 2008

9. Any old crochet magazines you are not using, I have so few so don't worry about sending something I already have.

10. Surprise me. Suprises are so wonderful! I love handmade items or anything else that you think a crocheting mom like me would love.


I am off to read the other lists and see whose wish I can make come true!

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#1. If you could crochet a Chemo cap or Premmie Cap / booties and donate them to some place local around you!


#2. Patterns of -afghans, doilies, dog sweaters ( I have a Chihuahua) or just about anything.


#3. Plastic canvas patterns.


#4. Gospel CD's


#5. Yankee Candle or Tart burners


#6. 7 inch Flower Squares ( any colors)


#7. Sugar n Cream yarn - any colors.


#8. A scarf for a resident in a rest home I work in. I have a Scarves for Seniors project going on - collecting crocheted / knitted scarves for elderly.


#9. Any CD's or DVD's from www.whitesteeple.com


#10. Your prayers for me for this New Year.

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:yay Happy Holidays Everyone! :yay



:ctree 1. Anything made by you - snowflakes, bookmarks, anything. I love snowmen and flamingos.

:ctree 2. Gummy Bears, Swedish Fish, chocolate (nothing maple flavored).

:ctree 3. Quilted fabric or just a fabric crochet hook holder.

:ctree 4. Any no longer published crochet magazines - I love to look thru them.

:ctree 5. A cheery Holiday card.

:ctree 6. Cebelia crochet thread #10. Any colors.

:ctree 7. Clover Soft Touch THREAD hooks, any size.

:ctree 8. This pattern for Samantha Doll. http://www.crochetsoiree.com/objects/view/35885/

:ctree 9. Patterns for doll clothes that fit the 8" Lots of Love Baby from Annies Attic. I have the doll, but she is naked, naked I tell you - she is naked....and winter is coming! :eek

:ctree 10. Flavored Hot Chocolate - like all kinds, love raspberry.

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:wreath 1. 8 inch squares for a friendshipghan. I'd like to do it in browns, light blues, and pinks


:wreath 2. Sock Yarn


:wreath 3. Fabric for sewing.


:wreath 4. Stitch Markers


:wreath 5. Crochet magazines you don’t want/need anymore.


:wreath 6. Anything handmade! I love other people’s craftiness!!


:wreath 7. Ground coffee - any flavor


:wreath 8. Chocolate of any kind

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Okay, okay, you talked me into it, I'm in.


:ctree1. I'd love it if you could crochet a scarf and send it to "grannyannie" here on the "ville". She donates them to a domestic abuse center, just click on her blog for the address.


:rud 2. A Christmas Card. I have a special needs son (he's 28) and he just loves opening the christmas cards so the more the merrier. He loves to hang them up.


:santa3. Anything handmade by another crocheter, bookmark, potholder, a little elephant amiqurumi. (collect elephants and love the color plum, deep purple)


:wreath4. Old crochet magazines prior to 1980.


:2snowman5. An easy sock pattern. Haven't tried doing socks yet.


Thank you for looking and I'm wishing everyone WONDERFUL HOLIDAYS:manyheart:sheepxmas

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Whatever you celebrate at this time of year - Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa (did I spell that right?) or the winter solstice, I hope you have a peaceful time and welcome the new year with friends and family. My wishlist is very sparse this year, I have enough material things but need some of the non-material blessings:


* holiday cards. My husband and I have had a very tough year and, as 2009 draws to a close, we're absolutely wrecked! I would love to receive some good thoughts and warm wishes from you, wherever you are. Knowing that someone took the time to write and say hello would really make my day.


* a snowflake for our first Christmas tree in our first house (i.e. part of the reason why we're wrecked :lol) I really wanted to become the type of person who would have the patience and grace to do this lovely work, but unfortunately this year was just too chaotic and hard for me to do so. I will mind your snowflake and it'll become part of our Christmas for years to come!


* this is a wish that's probably already being fulfilled by most of you anyway, but make something for a charity this Christmas. My special wish would be a scarf for Granny Annie's charity (see the link in my signature.) At this time of year there are a lot of people, but especially women and children, who are vulnerable to all kinds of abuse. The few who are - as another poster put it - brave enough or scared enough to seek shelter this Christmas would appreciate one of your scarves, as an extended hug at a very, very difficult time.


Thank you all very much. I hope you have a lovely holiday season!


Edited to add: Pat and I didn't collaborate on our wishlists, we posted at the same time! :lol But as you can see, Granny Annie's charity is close to both our hearts :)

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:wreath Oh fun!!!


:gift crochet/knitted tote bag


:gift dunkin donuts coffee


:gift dishcloth ... any color.. any design


:gift 12" squares for Crochetville'ghan... any color.. any design - 1 from KY Elf


:gift t-shirt from your state ... signed by you (M/L)



thats all I can think of right now.






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:candycane Hand dyed sock yarn, I dont have any LYS's nearby to get this

:stocking Beads and charms for making stitch markers

:candycane Jewelry findings (lobster clasps) for making stitch markers

:stocking cross-stitching projects (i just LOVE to do these)

:candycane anything ambulance related, my fiance is an EMT (not with the fire department), and my son loves ambulances in general

:stocking gift card to JoAnns

:candycane if anyone has baby monitors that are in good working condition, we're expecting an addition to our family and we need a new baby monitor

:stocking Patons Grace yarn

:candycane baby yarn

:stocking Bernat bamboo yarn

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Holiday RAOK at last! I can't wait to play :santa elf. Here's my list of wishes, and like many others, re-cycled or re-used is fine with me.

1. I'm putting this one first--I'd really love to have some more squares for my 'Ville afghan. I'm asking for 6" or 12" squares in any shade of green, beige, tan. I have about half enough for a small throw, and I'd love to complete it.

2. Rust-proof pins. I haven't found these here, and I need some.

3. Sock yarn--it's just so much fun. :stocking


4. Someone RAOK'd me a fabulous supply of colored yarn--worsted acrylic--so I could have the pleasure of making squares to share with others. I have a rainbow of colors, and white and black, but I'd love even a partial skein of beige/tan worsted acrylic to use.


5. Flesh-colored cotton knit fabric. (Any skin tone is fine.) My 16 year old daughter has taken up doll-making, and we can get all the supplies she needs except this--it only takes a small amount for a doll.

6. I'd Christmas cards or greetings from anyone--getting real mail is always such a pleasure.


7. Surprises--especially something handmade--are always delightful.

Now I'm off to make a list and check it twice...:ctree:santa:gift:wreath

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I'd like to play along. :clap My list is posted below:


:stockingSomething in the mail for my son, he is 4 and enjoys getting mail (he loves dinosaurs, stickers or any type of stuffed animal)


:stockingSingle piece afghan patterns (I love mosaic and "pattern play" afghans)


:stockingLighted Crochet Hook (size "F")


:stockingPretty notecards


:stockingAnything dark chocolate


:stockingFlavored coffees or teas; drink them both


:stockingA crocheted snowflake for my Christmas tree


:stockingAnything handmade, tote bag, purse, scarf, mittens, hat, dishcloth, doily, etc.


:stockingAny pre-2008 crochet magazines that have afghan patterns in them


:stockingTried and true, family favorite Christmas cookie recipes



:wreathHappy ROAKING and Happy Holidays to one and all!

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:cheer:yayHappy Holiday RAOK everyone!!! I have read all the lists and it looks like I am going to have some fun playing elf this year:c9 . I hope everyone has a great holiday season and may your wishes come true. Like many of the rest of you, the items on my list can be used/recycled/scrap.


:candycane8" squares any color for my Friendship Ville Ghan


:hbulbPatterns/pattern books/pattern pamphlet/crochet magazines - I love patterns and just can't get enough.


:stockingNotions such as ribbon,buttons, purse handles, beads, sets of matching bracelets.


:fruitcake Christmas ornaments/balls, these can be ones you will never use again, ceramic, glass or plastic, for the christmas :wreath that I make.


:rudAnything handmade by you.


:giftChristams cards or Postcards from your area.


:ctreePatterns for plastic canvas items.


:santa scrap/partial skeins of yarn.


:2snowmanMake some yo-yos and donate them to LadyDayDreamer here on the ville for the ghans that she making for charity.



:sheepxmasDonate an item to charity or make a donation to your local foodbank for the holiday season.

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1. :flake A little Something For my kids...Transformers 2 or up the movies



:sheepxmas 2. Gift Cards For JoAnns and or walmart


:wreath3. Everyone Loves Cookies or goodies.. if you love to send bake goods We'd love to Enjoy them. Who dose'nt love getting Holiday Cookies in the mail... I'd Esp love (spelling) Kalachkies (ka- laach- keys) (not sure how their spelled) i can never find them anymore


:2snowman4. Sock yarn Any color,


:wbrr5. Warm Eeyore Pj's Size xl. With or without Footies..I am a eeyore Freek. lol


:rud6. Yarn in general. worsted weight, Blues/pinks/purples/soft greens/


:sman7. afghan pattern books (easy) Recieved from a Nice elf in NC


:snow8 Suprise me. just nothing Perfumy. Allergies in home


:wlol9 "My Special Baby" Doll E-Pattern (http://www.adollpattern.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=3)


:mug10 Irish Cream Coffee,Carmel,or French Vanilla (for coffee maker)

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:ctree This was great last year.


1. Handmade stars to hang on the Christmas tree


2. 12" squares for my Ville friendshipghan.


3. Wooden Jimbo hook in F,G,or I (hey I can wish)


4. Any ILTY that you don't want anymore, I will make it a good home and probably make baby afghans for charity cause it is so soft.


5. Christmas cards are a nice welcome in our home.


6. Anything handmade by you.


7. I like Choclate, tea, swedish fish


8. Crochet 2010 calendar


9. A walker bag for my Mom who is 85 years old. (I take care of my Mom, but I just don't have the time to make one with working full time and doing her house chores and shopping), I know it would make her very happy to receive something. Received a beautiful walker bag from a elf in Fla. It is perfect.


10. Please take the time to make something for a local charity of your choice this Holiday Season.


I wish everyone a great Holiday Season, whatever Holiday you celebrate. May you all have a Safe, Healthy and a Happy New Year.

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Here goes......this is so much fun ...

Santa..I really have been good this year!!!:devil


:sheepxmas Shawl pin


:sheepxmasfun stationary-thank you NY elf


:sheepxmasbuttons/beads especially searching/hunting feverishly for cupcake ones...:-) Oh my - gifted some awesome cupcake buttons and a big bag of assorted buttons from an elf in NJ


:sheepxmasswedish fish or dove chocolates




:sheepxmasFat quarters


:sheepxmas A Journal- gifted 2 journals from my special elf - thankyou


:sheepxmas Blank cards/envelopes


:sheepxmasanything cupcake- rec a whole box of cupcake goodies- erasers/lip balm/lotion


:sheepxmasanything sheepie!:sheepxmas


Thanks for looking..


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I have been waiting for this! :cheer


:gift Anything for a 12 year old boy. He really wants a pair of skinny jeans. He wears a 14/16 in boys. He is into Tech Decks & WoW (World of Warcraft). His favorite places to eat are McDonalds & KFC (Kentucy Fried Chicken). His favorite colors are black & dark green. Black is always the best he says. :D


:gift Anything for a 10 year old boy. He really needs jeans. He wears a 32x30 in mens (Yes I know HUGE! Lets not get into he wears a size 12 in mens shoe. :eek). He likes sweats as well & wears a small or medium in mens - depending the brand. He is into Tech Decks & WoW as well. His favorite places to eat are McDonalds, Hometown Buffet, Panda Express, & Starbucks. His favorite colors is black, blue, & camo (the green/brown/black mixture).


:gift Anything for a 7 year old boy. He really needs some sweats (refuses to wear jeans). He wears a large or xl in boys. He loves Tech Decks as well. He also likes snowboarding PS2 games. His favorte place to eat is McDonalds or Wendys. His favorite colors are blue, dark grey, & black.


One thing they all really like besides Tech Decks are those fuzzy posters. Where you color them with markers.


I am changing my wish due to my kids gifts getting stolen. Please do not think you have to do anything on my list here. Just if you want to send me something send me a gift for one of my kids so I can say they came from Santa. Thanks!

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Happy Holiday Season, everyone!


Repurposed, Re-Used, Thrift-Store Rescues...it's all good :)


:wangel 3-D thread crochet patterns (I've seen some, but they're all out of print...if you have some laying around that you'll never use...)


:wangel bamboo or bamboo blend sock yarn (no wool please, allergies!) esp with pink or purple color combos


:wangel 101 easy scrap crochet projects by Laura Scott


:wangel a Celtic Women Christmas cd


:wangel truffles, or anything dark chocolate


:wangel something teddy bear (card, mini-calendar, ornament, crocheted...etc etc...cherished teddies...)


:wangel maybe something for my loved ones...DH loves peach rings, cashews, and he does x-stitch. DS is 8 loves Lego and Magic Tree House, DD is 5, and all about princess, ballet, and all things girlie :)


:wangel a safe and blessed holiday for you and yours


:wangel give a stranger a small gift, just because. (and maybe even let me know, if you do...passing on the RAOK blessing) maybe the Salvation Army "bell ringers" as you enter the store...or the cashier with the Loooong line...anyone.



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My Wishlist:


1. Homemade dishcloths.

2. DK yarn. Brand or color or fiber content does not matter.

3. Surprises!

4. Pie Hats pattern.

5. Notions such as stitch markers, row counter, retractable measuring tape, project bag.

6. Crochet thread size 10 in any shade of green (especially variegated light green).


Thank you!

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i guess i'm doing this right i lost my husband 9 months ago it has been really hard please pray for me

1. a yarn ball winder

2.any worsed weight yarn in light purple and dark

3.baby yarn in pink and white

3.any crochet bag

4. soft touch hook size G

5.any 15 inch doll patters crochet

6.any mile a minute afghans

7.any kind of rose aghans partterns

8 any size granny square

9 a crochet bag like crochet ville

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This is new to me - I am looking forward to an exciting December.


Here is my wish list:


:) Anything handmade by you (I make things and give them all away)


:) Any Harlequin Romance books (Foot surgery Dec 18, need something to read!) - used is great!


:) A handmade purse/bag


:) A homemade hook - anything bigger than G (I can dream :lol)


:) A pretty doily


:) I love this yarn (bright color) - Have read so much about it but we don't have a Hobby Lobby


:) Sugar-Free chocolate with nuts


:) Gluten-Free easy recipes


:) A food donation to your local food bank!

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I think Ill have a go! I see some things I can do for someone else and can't wait to get started!

Here is my list:

1.I love anything monkey or gorilla any primate.

2.Anything handmade.

3.I like the idea of someone making a toy and leaving it somewhere a child will find. YOu can stay to see their faces! Leave a little note that says take me home Im yours or something so they know they can have it.

4.I have 2 boys ages 2 and 4 so anything for them would be nice.

5.I love caron simply soft and getting into red heart I like how big it makes my dolls! Received lots of yarn in various colors! From an Elf in OH! Thank you so much! Very exciting!!

6.I would love this pattern for my 2 year old who is alittle behind. http://cgi.ebay.com/Crochet-Puzzlements-puzzle-toys-to-crochet-13-patterns_W0QQitemZ350293081747QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_2?hash=item518f183e93

7.I would love for someone to make one of those felted hook holders. I have mine loose in a bag.

8.Christmas ornaments I need some! I lost mine when we moved the box flew out of the truck! Thank you FGM from Brooklyn. Made my bad day turn into a GREAT one! Loved the snowflake, the little Angel, the sachet made my house smell so good!Thank you for the card as well!

9. I have had my eyes on the guinea pig pattern from planet june on etsy.

10. For everyone to have fun and a wonderful HOliday Season and for everyone to get what they wish for!!

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Seasons Greetings to everyone! I am looking forward to doing some holiday RAOKing :)


1. Christmas yarn - We do not get it here.

2. Snowflakes or handmade ornaments for my tree.

3. A christmas card.

4. A crocheted tote bag.

5. Any soft yarn.

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Happy Holiday's everyone!


Someone who would be willing to knit this for me - http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hermiones-cable--eyelet-hat


Crocheted dishcloths - any size, color, shape etc... I just love them.


Red Heart SS in Claret, I can't find it here anymore and I need 3 more skeins


ILTY in Sungold - I need 3 skeins to finish my blanket and I can't get it here.


Any snowman, penguin or polar bear christmas tree ornaments for my son, he absolutely loves them.


Something for my kids (son is 3 daughter 7 months,) my son loves getting mail.


12 inch squares in Beige / cream / tan for a comfortghan for my sister (she is 22 and was just diagnosed with cancer)


Prayers and happy thoughts for my sister


Make something for one of the charities / comfortghans here on the Ville


Plastic safety eyes in various sizes to use when I make Ami's

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Ooooh! I love this time of year!!!


:c9For my 3 year old autistic son, I'm asking for yarn for a textured afghan (I've heard autistic kids, especially like him, love multi textured things). So, any of those fun fur yarns, or bulky fuzzy yarns, or anything except regular acrylic or wool would be great! He's a boy, so bright colors, no purple or pinks either. If anyone wants to make the entire blanket, that would be such a treat!! A simple large granny square with acrylic yarn mixed with fuzzies is what I had planned on making, about 50"x 65"just something fun!


:clapFor hubby, he loves tootsie rolls, and would be surprised to get some in the mail!


:DFor 9 month old daughter, would love toys she can bite on, she's teething!


:cchip For all of us, cookie/brownie/cake mixes, or anything sweet that I can make up for us to enjoy during the holidays


:dreaming I love this yarn from Hobby Lobby, or Vanna White yarn, ooooooh.... I often use the ILTY for I.V. covers for Project Linus. They're like fingerless gloves that the kids put on their hands to help hide the I.V.'s that might scare them. ILTY is so soft, and wonderful for this. Also, ILTY has so many fun bright colors too! If you'd like to make I.V. covers and send, that'd be great too! I'll pass them on to our Project Linus leader. Here's the pattern I use. I make it the biggest size, because that's the size they need the most.


:book Stitch pattern books, afghan pattern books, or kid's sweater pattern books


:morcoffeeGift card to Starbucks...


:hook Those bamboo handle crochet hooks. I've only seen them at Hobby Lobby, and I love my size I and H hook that I already have. Would love a size G, J, and K! Or a size N or Q hook (plastic in those, is great, probably can't find them in the bamboo handle variety).


:crochetingTowel toppers, or towels with the crochet top. My kitchen colors are sunflowers (yellow, brown, green, sky blue, etc...) I also love Christmassy colors, or anything you'd love to have in your kitchen. :)


:sigh Something to help me to loose weight. A headband/hair scrunchie to pull my hair back with, water bottle holder, yarn that I can only use when I've lost a certain amount of weight... I don't know... Help me out!


Thanks in advance!!! I love this!! :hug


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