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2009 Holiday RAOK's - signups open

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It's that time again!




Sign Ups: 11/22 – 12/5



Package Sending: 11/22 - 12/31





Holidays Wish List Guidelines:


Post up to 10 tangible wishes... something someone can actually grant.


E-mail me at auntbubbels at nyc.rr.com with your Crochetville Name, Email address, Real Name & Address.


Read through the posted wish lists.


If you see a wish you can grant, contact me via E-mail or PM for that person's info.


Gifts can be made anonymously or not.


Thank you posts must be anonymous, (which by the way are mandatory).


Thank you posts are to be placed in the provided "thank you" thread.


You may thank your Elf personally if they have let you know who they are. And please mark your package as Holiday RAOK so the person knows where to post a thank you.


You don't have to have a wish list to send something, but you do have to send me your info, as stated above, to help give a level of security that people requesting addresses aren't doing so for nefarious purposes.


If you grant a bigger wish from someone's wish list, please contact me so that I can ensure no one else sends that same item.


Remember there are no strings attached...... wish, and it might come true..... give, and you might receive.


Remember, sometimes one person's trash is another person's treasure. If you have a stash you want to prune or a gift certificate you will not use, send it out to someone who may want it.


Make someone smile with your thoughtfulness. I promise you will be just as excited as the person you are sending it out to.


You WILL have the joy of knowing you made someone's day special.





The most important thing is to have fun !






To help make ALL of our members feel comfortable participating in this swap, regardless of their religious beliefs, each member is free to make "Holiday RAOKs" apply to whichever winter holiday they prefer to celebrate. And, of course, you may include items in your wish list that are applicable to whichever winter holiday you may happen to celebrate.


Please, no outside wish list links.... it's just not fair that most people without them have 10 wishes in here and people with outside wish lists get 10 here and however many there. Please read RAOK guidelines here http://www.crochetville.org/forum/sh...ad.php?t=27478


Copyright violations will not be tolerated. If a pattern is requested and you want to give it, it MUST be a newly purchased pattern, or one you are willing to give up, not one from your files. If you need to refresh yourself on copyrights please re-read the Forum Rules you accepted when you joined Crochetville asd well as the sticky in the top thread.



I will not be providing contact information for the entire list to gifters.

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I love this I always have loads of fun.


:wreathA Nativity

:ctreeGift Cards for Craft Stores

:wreathVanna's Choice Yarn all colors

:ctreeChristmas Ornaments for the Tree Received a snowman for the tree!! 12-04

:wreathCrochet Patterns (new or used)

:ctreeAnything with Gingerbread Received two tealight holders 12-04

:wreathHoliday Yarn Received 8 skeins of cotton in reds and green 12-04

:ctreeChristmas Movie or DVD (new or used)

:wreath Anything Chocolate (nuts and caramel ok) received a tin of homemade candy with almonds, chocolate and toffee!! 12-04

:ctreeBlocking Board (for doily)

:wreathAnything made by you (Love surprises)


Happy Holidays everyone.


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This sounds like fun, this will be my first time!


Any Homespun yarn you may want to get rid of. (I would love to make and afghan with it)

A crocheted tote for my WIPs

Anything handmade by you

Any afghan pattern books you may not want anymore

A yarn ball winder (used one would be ok)

Any kind of worsted weight yarn

A surprise

Happy Holidays, everyone!!

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I just want everyone to have a safe and happy holiday.


Ok, ok, I guess I can think of something.


:flake Tea - I love just about any flavor.


:flake Timtams - My favorite. YUM!


:flake Gummy bears - Ok I admit it. I am a gummy bear-a-holic.


:flakeThis really cool dragon and unicorn afghan pattern. http://www.anniesattic.com/crochet/detail.html?prod_id=78564&cat_id=902 Granted - Thank you sweet elves!!!!!!! (I received this from more than one elf faster than I could update this post.) Thank you all for thinking of me. It really meant a lot to me.


:flake Surprise me. I love surprises. Received a great quilted pouch and stitch markers from a special elf. Thank you!


:flake My big wish would be a pair of knitted socks (ALLERGY- so no Wool please ) in size eight since I know I will never make a pair for myself.

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:gift 8" ww squares for my husbands blanket-in-progress, he's going into the hospital soon for an op and I'd like to get his blanket finished and I've been slacking :( His colours are red,orange and yellow, any pattern, any combination of the colours.


:wcold a pair of crochet bed socks UK size 6, Eur 39/US8 again for hubby, colours - anything goes but no frilly bits or pompoms please :D


:wangel a pair of crochet slippers, UK size 7.5/Eur 41/US9.5 any colour, any style :D


:ctree a capelet in a soft non-itchy yarn (I'm plus size not petite) a soft grey colour would be doubly fabulous!


:wreath #20 thread, I'm aiming to make things a bit more delicate next year & only get #10 in my local shops.


:2snowman a skein of brightly coloured sock yarn thank you NJ elf !!


:sman a snowflake for my holiday decorating I got a snowstorms worth of snowflakes from a dear Elf in Poland !


:santa surprise me! **


Thank you for reading my wish list and have a safe and happy holiday wherever you are and however you celebrate :manyheart


** BOY have I been surprised! many thanks to that dear NJ elf

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YAY, This is my favorite time of year! I can't wait to get started. :hook


**Anything destashed, repurposed, regifted, recycled, or otherwise reused is just perfect with me!


:stocking Something special for my 2 year old grandson. He loves crocheted food and matchbox/hotwheel cars or anything with wheels.


:crochetingFantasy Realm Afghans pattern OR Proud Dragon Wall Hanging


:shop Gift card to Hobby Lobby/Craftsetc.com, Michaels, OR Walmart


:yarn Yarn! Full or partial skiens, I'm not picky. I'm working on a scrapghan so any amounts will work. ILTY, Vanna's Choice, and RH are my favorites.


:nbook Any of the Crochet Pattern A Day Calendars. I didn't know about them until recently and don't have any of them.


:ctree Coca-Cola collectibles, especially the tree ornaments


:hook Crochet Lite Hook-size "I"


:hyper Pepperidge Farms Orange Milano Cookies. I can't get them where I live. WOW!! Received FOUR packages from a wonderful elf in MA!!! Big :hugs and many thanks!!! :manyheart


:yay Surprise me! (I love surprises and trying new things ) Received some awesome boucle yarn and a yummy recipe for me to try. Thank you to my elf!


:ctree HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! :ctree

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Auntbubbels, thank you! I'm so glad we are doing this again. Here is my wish list of tangibles. Another "yes" to pre-owned, recycled, etc.



:crocheting Speed-Cro-Sheen thread, if you've got any you don't need. :crocheting


:wreath Cotton worsted, any color, though I'd especially enjoy celery or Victorian Christmas. :wreath


:rose Small, traditional, botanical note cards. :rose


:flake A snowflake or a white angel for Christmas, to give to my mother. :flake


:grandma An old-fashioned doily or antimacassar would be wonderful. :grandma


:2snowmanPotholder loom and loops, if you've got an old one you don't need, that'd be super! :2snowman


:ctree Christmas cards and well wishes. :ctree


:wangel Surprises are nice, too! :wangel (Received vintage #10 thread, a stitch marker, and a lovely bag holder and tissue box cover. Also, two pretty ornaments, a little packet of tea, Aunt Lydia's size 3 and a pineapple doily pattern. Thank you very, very much!)


I'm off to read lists and see what I can send! I wish everyone safe and blessed holidays! :gift:mailbox


:candle :candle :candle :candle

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Please ask Terri/LadySorce for my address


Let the giving begin - yeah yeah :cheer :cheer


:gift Soap & body wash - I love trying new scents


:gift Fat quarters in complimentary patterns for sewing or any complimentary fabric (1/2 yd each)


:gift Any cotton thread & embroidery thread for sewing


:gift Swarovski crystal beads - 8mm, 6mm & 4mm


:gift Watch faces


:gift Wizard of Oz fabric


:gift Woman Handerchiefs


:giftWhite Pillow cases


:gift Satin ribbon (solid colors)


:gift Holiday cards in the mail

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Hi, Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving! :tdance

Happy Holidays! :wreath:kinara:menorah:kwan:ctree


My Wish List:


1. Flat Angel Ornaments, or patterns for same

2. Gift Cards to Jo Ann's or Hobby Lobby

3. Vanna's Choice Yarn (any colors) or I LoveThis Yarn (any colors)

4. Susan Bates aluminum Hooks Sizes F, H, I, L

5. Fabric Crochet Hook Holder

6. Crocheted Snowflakes for my tree

7. Patterns for Square Motifs

8. Crochet-Pattern-A-Day Calendar (any year)


Thank you!

Have fun!!!


:crocheting Collette

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Happy holidays everyone


heres my wishes....

1. squares any size.... I almost have enough for a ghan


2. http://www.gourmetcrochet.com/index_files/Page4558.htm this pattern Gifted


3. any crochet magazines you no longer use/want


4. hooks...


5. surprise me


6. snowflakes i would love some for my tree


7. anything handmade by you


8. books...I love to read, but havent found anything new and exciting to read.


9. any of these http://www.gourmetcrochet.com/index_files/Page4643.htm

thats all i can think of thanks for looking, and have a safe happy season:wgrin

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Happy Holidays!


Reused, recycled,whatever, it is all new to us!

My husband does plastic canvas, and is in need of a color I can not find:


1. Peach shades for skin color


2. Anyhting to do with plastic canvas, he would love!


3. My mother in law loves crocheting doilies, so maybe patterns for her


4. A handmade doll for my niece who lives with us, (shes four)


5. A handmade doll for my grandaughter, who is 13 months- cannot make dolls to save my life!lol::blush


6. Christmas cards for our men and women in Bethesda Hospital or any veteran hospital. My husband spent 6 onths in Bethesda. They really need the cheer!


7. Please everyone remember the less fortunate in you area.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays however you celebrate!:smenorah:kinara:kwan:ctree

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k i love this time cause it is fun to spread holiday cheer


:ctree crocheted ornamnets for my tree...a 3 foot table top model

:gift crochet thread in any size in colors especially holiday ones

:stockingsmall gift type patterns for little boys around age 4-5

:candycane real peppermint candy canes...my family hates them but i love them

:hbulb chocolates...milk is my favorite especially kisses and caramels



i guess that is it now off to make some goodies to send off with holiday wishes

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Well this is my first wish list on here. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone out there.

:sheepxmasAny toy patterns you don't want. I love to knit and crochet toys.

:sheepxmasThe book Crocheted Christmas Stockings by Leisure Arts.

:sheepxmasWool Yarn. I need dark brown, light brown, dark and light green, medium blue, red, and white. It has to be feltable. (Does this count as one wish?)

:wreathAny cotton yarn that you want to give a new home.

:rudTea. I love all flavors and varieties.

:gift Some soft dark green or dark blue yarn for a scarf for a Christmas gift.

:ctreeC.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien books.

:hbulb A row counter of some kind.

:stockingBig wish. A ball winder (used is fine).

:candycanePrayers for a job. I have been unemployed for several months and have no idea how I am paying the bills.


Thanks for reading. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday season. I forgot to mention that anything used is fine. I love regifted items.

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How exciting :yay This is my first year to do the Holiday Swap and my first year to do the ROAK swap:clap


:ctree Any soft baby yarn, I make hats for the hospital to donate.


:stocking Anything Charlie Brown or Snoopy related. I bought the Charlie Brown

Christmas tree this year, its a litte limb with one ornament. I just

:heart it.


:2snowman Anything home made. I love ami's, afghans, anything.


:candycane Any toy patterns, afghan patterns. Used is even better.:yes


:wreath Snail mail would be great:snail


:dog I have 3 dogs, a cat and a chinchilla. I love animals.


Thanks for looking. I can't wait to see who's wish I can grant.:mdust

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Ok you all got me.


1. Check all the list here and grant one wish.:gallery


2. Ornaments for my tree for:


July(red white & blue), February:vheart(hearts or anything valentine day),and March( shamrocks & such for St. Patrick day):clover just to name a few. My tree stays up all year.


3. Unsented stationary or note pads. Got some nice cards


4. Not a tea drinker:tea, but I do love coffee.:ccompute Got a LB of Dunkin Donuts coffee


5. Make something for one of the Charties here at Crochetville.


Still Lurking:lurk

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Thanks Janet! I love granting wishes.


Used, regifted, etc. is fine.


:2snowman Paradise Doll fashions. I bought some last year and they got lost in the mail.


:2snowman This Christmas pattern book http://www.e-patternscentral.com/detail.html?prod_id=5330&cat_id=583&criteria=

These would be great to make for gifts!!


:2snowman This Jean Greenhowe book. I love her patterns! http://www.jeangreenhowe.com/christmas.html


:2snowman Soft yarn for chemo and brain surgery caps. I got some from an elf in NJ, thank you!



:2snowman Baby yarn to make caps and afghans for charities. Got some from the same Elf in NJ, thanks so much!


:2snowman Moravian stars for my Christmas tree


:2snowman Christmas cards by mail - got 2 thank you!



:2snowman I love flavored coffees and we all love herbal teas - got some in my cards thank you so much

I wish everyone a safe, healthy and a very Merry Christmas or the Happiest of your Holidays!

Be safe my friends and pray for our Nation and our World!

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:yay I had so much fun participating last year! And, I am anxious to jump right in, again, and find wishes to grant :santa


I am a firm believer in reusing, recycling, re-gifting, etc :gift


1. Crochet Lite Hooks in size D, E or K. Rec'd size D from OH Elf


2. Gift cards for JoAnn's, Michael's or Wal-mart


3. Anything Snowman :2snowman related. I love the frosty guys and decorate the house with snowmen all winter long.


4. Used crochet magazines -- I do not have a subscription to any of them, but I enjoy finding new patterns to try. Rec'd Crochet Today! Nov/Dec '09 & a few loose patterns fr OH Elf


5. Sock yarn and/or a tried-and-true sock pattern. I have been itching to try making socks, but have not dove in to make a pair, yet. Rec'd a pattern link for toe-up style socks fr AZ Elf.


6. Baby yarn, even Baby Boucle is great! -- lots and lots of friends are expecting in the New Year, and I love making blankets, buntings and jackets in little sizes. Rec'd 4 sk of Simply Soft in green, pink & off-white fr AZ Elf. Already dreaming of the saque I will make...


7. This pattern for the Blushing Rose Pullover from Annie's Attic. I just looooove the looks of this sweater.


8. Coffee, chocolate, caramel -- all yummy treats :winkRec'd a big box of Milk Duds fr OH Elf


9. Surprises :bheart Rec'd a bookmark, note paper and cards fr OH Elf. Rec'd a recipe for Caramel Corn fr AZ Elf.


Thank you so much for reading this. :wreathHappy Holidays, Everyone!!:wreath

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Happy Holidays to all!!!


1. I'd love the pattern for the Aimigurmi Nativity Gourmet Crochet. <~~coming today! Thanks!

2. I'd love any spare ribbon.

3. Gathered lace

4. This is a long shot, but if anyone has Clarinet sheet music they don't use any more my son would love that. He's learning to play and often prints stuff up. That would be a great surpise!

5. Mystery books

6. Sci Fi books

7. Any kind of pattern books some to keep, some to send to my daughter.

8. Dolls

9. Plastic crochet hooks

10. Mickey Mouse things



Thank you so much for looking!

We have peanut and wool allergies in our home.

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I always miss out on the Holiday RAOKs, so I am so happy I got the opportunity to participate this time. I am a mother of one little boy (will be 2 in January) and I love to crochet, especially now for the "me time." :hook Thank you in advance!


:gift a handmade holiday card

:gift market bag (I absolutely love them, but have stolen my mother's and want to give it back! :lol)

:gift worsted weight cotton yarn

:gift a handmade ornament

:gift hotwheels/matchbox car for my son

:gift holiday amigurumi

:gift holiday potholder

:gift buttons

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Thank you Janet for doing this again this year... I had a ball last year gifting to others and bringing good cheers...And I'm ready to do it again...


Well Here is my wish list and then off i go to grant wishes,.


:flake:flakeCrochet Hook From www.laurelhillonline.com in any size from F-G or H....


:flake : 2010 Crochet Calendar....RECIEVED....


:sman:sman: Anything Snowman to decorate for the Holidays... I live up north NY so there is snow here well after the holidays and I keep my snowman decor up til spring....


:dog: Any Wagon Train Treats for my doggie Foxie.....


:mug: Any Hazel Nut Coffiee.... Or flavored hot cocoas......


:wgrin:wgrin : I'd Kill for a Electic Ceramic Large Jar Candle Warmer Design on it dont matter....I'm dying for one of these I cant find them any wheres here locally...


:sheepxmas:sheepxmas :crocheting : Any Crocheted items hand made by you... I love surprises.... Some of my home colors are sage green, rose, offwhite, Victorian colors fit right in....


:gift : Any new gadgets crochet related you know of that I can't leave without.... We dont have any crafts stores around me only Walmart.... I often wonder what fun i'm missing out of.....


:fruitcake:gift:gift:cchip Wow I'd love to have your favorite baked cookies or baked goods and your favorite cookies recipes too..... I love baking cookies to give as gifts to friends and family and even to people I dont kow well but that I know i can cheer them up...


Another wish is that You all have a Blessed and Happy Holiday Season in and all over the world....


Thank you for reading...[/b]

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:2snowman Handmade snowflakes to put in Christmas cards to our troops overseas ( I already have 25 made I need 30 more) I am a proud Navy Mom of 3 Sailors


:2snowman Picture frames


:2snowman Crochet cotton


:2snowman=tags&includes[]=title"]Crochetroos turtle bookmark pattern for my daughter

Granted ...... Thank you Holiday Elf


:2snowman Bookmark or dishcloth patterns .... used is fine


:2snowman This pattern from Cape Cod Originals ... bunny


:2snowman Anything to pamper me with ... calgon take me away


:2snowman I love chocolate !!!!


:2snowman Any Clover Soft Touch steel crochet hook


:2snowman I love surpises



Have A Safe & Happy Holiday

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Oh I love this time of year. It'll be second time ROAKing. :lol


Anything used or recycled is more than fine by me.


And please consider I live in germany. I have no idea how high postage is to send things here.

:wreath I love coffee so I would like to wish for flavored coffee or coffee mate. Macadamia nut white chocloate was my fav. But I can't get it here.


:ctree Crocheting and Knitting pattern books Magazines.


:gift Christmas decorations made by you. I love self made ones.


:flake some Red Hearts yarn. Maybe if anyone has some in thier stash they won't use anymore?


:sman I would love a crochet a day or knite a day calander. It can be one from year(s) past. I just would love to do a few patterns from it.


:candycane reeses peanutbutter cups. Another thing I really love and can't get here.


:santa I have 3 cats all boys, a surprise for them would be sweet.


:2snowman surprise me. I love surprises.


:fruitcake Christmas cards to hang up on my wall.


:2snowman Ok I thought of one more thing. I'm still losing weight. So if anyone has any low fat low calorie recipies they would love to share I'd love it.


Happy ROAKing everyone. And may you all have a happy holiday season.


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Froggy's Christmas Wish List 2009


:rud Burts Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm


:rud Anything "Wizard of Oz"


:rud Starbucks gift card


:rud OPI nail polish in the color "Purple with a Purpose"


:rud Gold Bond Ultimate healing skin therapy lotion with aloe purse size


:rud 2009 Avon Pewter Ornament (Fireplace) Mom quit selling Avon this year and I have all the pewter ornaments


:rud cleaning cloth for eye glasses


:rud froggy socks ladies size 9-11


:rud small tape measure for purse


:rud a post card from your part of our world

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I love this! I hope I can grant some wishes!


1. any ww (RH is the best for it) yarn you don't want for making Turtles TLC totes


2. thread teddy bear or turtle


3. novelty potholders (for decoration)


4. if you see a great tote/bag/purse pattern or turtle pattern, PM me with the link to it!


5. anything turtle!


6. after reading other wishes I have to add (I can wish) a Jimbo hook. H or bigger.


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I think I will play this year!


:sheepxmasStuffed amigurumi sheep/llama/alpaca/goat/fiber-producing animal that you've made


:sheepxmasHandmade crochet hooks: any size (F, G, H, I, J, and L are my favorites), any material, any maker (Jimbo, Brian's Barn, Turn of the Century, Daystar Handworks, Michael and Sheila Ernst glass hooks)---Received a fabuloso Jimbo hook!


:sheepxmasSock yarn: 375-400 yards (enough to make one pair of socks) or enough to make a shawl/top in size small (1200-1600 yards)---Received 3 different types of beautiful sock yarn



:sheepxmasBook: Tunisian Crochet: The Look of Knitting with the Ease of Crocheting by Sharon Hernes Silverman---Received


:sheepxmasBook: Lily Chin's Crochet Tips and Tricks Shortcuts and Techniques Every Crocheter Should Know


:sheepxmasBook: Freeform Style: Blend Knit and Crochet to Create Fiber Art Wearables by Jonelle Raffino and Prudence Mapstone


:sheepxmasFlavored Coffee: whole bean or ground


:sheepxmasMission Falls Goes Crochet pattern booklet


:sheepxmasCrocheted cotton dishcloths in shades of colonial blue, mauve, off-white

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