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Athena a filet runner

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I finally finished a large project that kept me away from my finer threads and designs. So it was with great joy that I picked back up a filet design I was working on in size 30 thread. One of the things I love about crochet is it will wait patiently for me when I need to work on other things. I finished it yesterday and blocked it today. So finally I can share with all of you one of my thread pieces again. I have named this one Athena. It measures 11.75 inches wide at the widest point and 19.25 inches long. I did it in size 30 cream thread using a size 9/1.4mm hook. I wanted to see what my diamond lacet would look like as a background. Must admit I am pleased with the effect.


My heart sang while working on this one. Hope you like it. It feels so good to share with all of you again.


Well I finally had time to get this design published. I have just released my Doily Threesomes Volume 5 Filet Fancies. I thought this one would be a nice addition to this book. You can see the book here Doilythreesome5


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It's beautiful Kathy - so much work - I don't know how you get so many pieces done so quickly!!


I also love the fact that you can put a project down and return to it whenever you like - another plus for crochet :hook

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Thank you everyone for your kind remarks..... You can not imagine how happy I am to be sharing what I am up to with all of you again. This is my passion and being able to share my love with others of like mind is so important to me. Thank you for being here......:hug:hug:hug


That's just beautiful! How big do you think it would be if it was done in size 10?
It should be about 13.5 inches wide by 27 inches long. I am just guesstimating here though, without actually doing it I can't be sure.
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