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Has anyone ever tried to dye fun fur/eyelash yarn?

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If so, what dye did you use? I am looking to dye some eyelash/fun fur yarn in the color olive green. I have been to the craft stores and have read the dye packages and they all say not to use on 100% polyester yarn. What will happen if I do? Thanks for any and all help.

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Basically the dye will not "take",natural fibers such as cotton,wool,linen,and silk are plant/animal based and naturally soak the dye in. I'm sure somebody else could explain this better. :)

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:thinkThere has to be a way to dye this yarn because it has already been dyed.

The problem I see is, the yarn will not look too pretty after you have put it through the process of un-dyeing and re-dyeing.

I have had a very nice dark olive green yarn called Flurry which is available from Spotlight in NZ and probably Australia.

I think I just used the last ball of mine.

Maybe you can go to their web-site to see if they sell via the internet.

Hope this helps.

Have fun.


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