Making a paperclip ice skate ornament, pls help!

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Here's the website:


Here is where I'm confused:

With the continuous wire of paper clip on bottom for blade and the larger loop to the right, attach yarn to paper clip with a slipstitch into the larger loop.

Always crochet over the beginning tails.


Row 1: Ch 2, 7 dc to end of paper clip (work first dc in the larger loop, work remain dc in smaller loop and around both wires). This row forms the foot of the skate.

I'm trying to understand how I'm starting this. I'm sure it's not that hard, just having some trouble at the moment!



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well i haven't made this myself, but...

where it says to attach yarn with a slipstitch, I would just make a slipknot and put the loop over the clip. in other words, you are basically just tying the yarn onto the clip.

then you work your dc stitches over the clip.


hope that helps a little:hook

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I think last year I did the pinks ones at this site. It's hard to explain but like the pattern says you will have the continious loop of the paper clip on the bottom for the blades and the large paper clip loop on the right. You want to attch the yarn with a slip stitch into that larger loop on the right to start. Mary

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I have made a bunch of these and love them! You just slip stitch right onto the clip here:




that chain 2 counts as your first DC then you do another dc in that outside loop...the rest are done in the inner loop


that forms the toe of the boot


Hope this helps!


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